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Mi Laptops to Soon Arrive in India

Mi Laptops to soon make it to India

It was almost three years back that Xiaomi first introduced its Laptop in China. Ever since then Mi fans in India were waiting for the company to introduce the same in India.

Following that the company also unveiled Laptops under Redmi branding as well.

Now Xiaomi has started teasing the launch of Mi Laptop in India through various social media posts.

Here is a tweet shared by Xiaomi MD, Manu Kumar Jain. In the short video he posted on Twitter, he closes the lid of the laptop saying “IT’S TIME”.

Similarly, various other Xiaomi employees have done the same and posted the short video on Twitter. The idea behind this is that they are fed up with the results from their current laptop and soon expecting a change.

All these points to an imminent launch of Mi laptops in India.

Xiaomi has not given any clue regarding which laptop to launch in India. The creative short video only suggests that it is going to be a laptop and that’s it.

There are two models we can expect. The first one is the 13-inch model and the second one is the 15.6-inch model version as well. There are also chances that the company might introduce a gaming laptop as well.

Xiaomi has been introducing various products in the Indian market ever since the last few years. Mi TV and a handful of other devices have been launched in India on the post.

Yesterday the company also introduced a brand new PC monitor in India, Redmi Display 1A. Xiaomi is slowly trying to create an ecosystem with all Xiaomi products linked. Now we have laptops, smartphones, smart TV, tablet, smartwatches, and whatnot.

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