Download Mi PC Suite for Windows 10/8/7 & How to Use

Mi PC Suite for Windows is a must have if you frequently connect your Xaiomi device to your computer for data management or for other purposes like flashing, etc. Traditional USB Cable only gives us a limited functionality over our device. If you simply just connect your device to your computer using a set of USB Cable then the three main options that you only get are Transfer Files, Transfer Photos(PTP) and Charging. But, with the help of Mi PC Suite, you can get the most out of your device.

Mi PC Suite helps us to efficiently manage our device from our personal computer like laptop or desktop running Windows. You could easily perform a number of tasks such doing a full phone backup, restoring the phone with a backup that you have already created, file transfer, data management, Mi Account sync and a lot more. If you want to do all this, then you will definitely need to use Mi PC Suite and not just the USB Cable.

Download Mi PC Suite

At certain times, our computer/laptop might fail to detect our device that is connected to it via USB Cable. At this case, we will normally end up searching for USB Drivers of our computer. If you are one among them who faces this issue then Mi Suite is what you are looking for. You are not required to search and find the driver for USB. Mi PC Suite for Windows can do this all. We will discuss more on Mi PC Suite and it features later in this article, for now, let’s get started. Also, check How to Increase RAM in Android using SD Card

Download Mi PC Suite for Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Now that you got a little overview about the app. let’s discuss what all can you do with it.

Screencast and Screenshot

screencast screenshot mi pc suite

One of the best features that are available in Mi PC Suite is that ability to Mirror Android Screen to Computer with little or no lag. I was using some other third party tools until I found this interesting option in Mi PC Suite. Let’s say that you wanted to cast the contents of your smartphone to a bigger screen like the monitor then you can easily do that with the help of Mi PC Suite. Whatever you do on the Mobile will be mirrored to your Computer screen with absolutely little lag. The response time is not that great but still okay.

Apart from that, it also comes with the ability to capture screenshots. It might not make sense to you. But, there are people who will be highly benefited by this feature like Tutorials creators and Explanation video creators.

File Manager

mi pc suite file manager

If you are about to transfer files using the USB Cable then the file explorer simply just shows you the root directory of your device. But the File Manager in Mi PC Suite is much more flexible and convenient to use. Every file is categorized according to the file type and also shows you various data like the total storage capacity of SD Card and Onboard storage, amount of data used, etc. Apart from files, you can also easily transfer Contacts, too.

Firmware Update

software update mi pc suite

Xaiomi often pushes new updates to its devices. You can update your device with the help of Mi PC Suite as well. You can go to the updates tab and if a new update is available for your device then you can update to the latest version in a matter of click with the software. Or else you can also directly update within your phone, too. If you are having no Internet access in your smartphone then you can use this method to update your device and you can get your device updated to the latest firmware without any problem.

Share Internet

share pc internet pc suite mi

If you are in a situation where you are not having Internet in your phone or WiFi Access, but you can Ethernet connection in your Computer/Laptop. In this situation, you can share your Computer Internet to your PHone through USB Cable via Mi PC Suite for Windows. You don’t need WFi or Data pack to get Internet access to your phone if you are having this software installed on your computer. Or if you are having limited Internet in your device then you can use Computer’s Internet to download heavy data. This way you can save the Internet on your phone.


backup restore mi pc suite windows

You can create a complete backup of your device including Music, Videos, APKs, or pretty much any files with the help of Mi PC Suite. Open the Software and go to the Backup section and you will able to see the info on last time you created a backup and option to create a backup now. This option will come in handy if you are someone who keeps changing to Custom ROMs or a developer. So, that your data are safe. You can also restore all your data back into the phone in just a single click.

How To Use Mi PC Suite

Follow the step by step instructions given below to get Mi PC Suite installed in your Windows PC/Laptop. Download Links will be provided below.

  • Download the latest version of Mi PC Suite with the link given below.
  • Wait until the file gets downloaded.
  • Once downloaded, open the Installer
  • Now the Installer will open up, Tick on the Agree button

mi pc suite installer

  • Click on the Install button and the installation process will start.
  • Wait until it’s done.
  • Once done, you will see a new Mi PC Suite icon in your Desktop.
  • Just connect your phone to the computer with USB Cabe and then launch Mi PC Suite with the icon.

Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite has successfully been installed on your Computer and now you can do pretty much everything you wanted to do.

Supported Devices:

Mi PC Suite supports all major smartphone of Mi including…

  • Redmi Y1/Y1 Lite, Y2
  • Redmi Note 2/3/4
  • Mi 6/6 Plus/6x
  • Mi 8/ Mi 8 SE
  • Xiaomi Mi Max/ Max 2
  • Mi Note 2/3
  • Redmi Note 5/Pro
  • Xiaomi 1/1S/
  • Xiaomi 2/2S/2A/
  • Redmi 1/1S/Note/2
  • Xiaomi 3/4/4i/Note/Pad
  • Xiaomi Mi 3/4/4i/5/5c
  • Redmi 2/2A/2 Prime
  • Mix 2 / Mix 2S
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2/3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5/5 Plus/5A/6
  • Redmi 3/3S Prime/4/4A/4X

Final Words

This is how you install and use Mi PC Suite on your computer. This software comes in really handy when you want to manage your phone’s data from your computer or Laptop. Mi PC Suite is available for Windows and can be downloaded with the link mentioned above. ScreenCast, Backup, Internet Sharing are some among the best features of Mi PC Suite. If you own a Mi smartphone or tablet then this software is a must for your computer.

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