Microsoft Cloud Services Sees a Huge Spike in Traffic Due to Cornavirus Outbreak [775%]

microsoft cloud services sees sudden surge in traffic upto 775 percent

Microsoft Cloud Services saw a sharp spike in traffic of up to 775 percent in regions where lockdown or shelter in place orders are enforced. According to the sources, Microsoft Teams now has more than 44+ million active users daily and generated over 900 million meetings and VoIP calling minutes, said corporate VP for Microsoft 365.

“As a result of the surge in use over the last week, we have experienced significant demand in some regions (Europe North, Europe West, UK South, France Central, Asia East, India South, Brazil South) and are observing deployments for some compute resource types in these regions drop below our typical 99.99 percent success rates,” said Microsoft, in an official blog.

According to Jared Spataro, Windows Virtual Desktop usage has seen a growth of 3 times. The government uses ‘Power BI’ to share COVID-19 Dashboards with citizens which spiked by 42% in a week.

To tackle the situation, Microsoft has implemented a few temporary restrictions where it balances and gives the best user experience. Following this, Spataro added, “We have placed limits on free offers to prioritize capacity for existing customers. We also have limits on certain resources for new subscriptions. These are ‘soft’ quota limits, and customers can raise support requests to increase these limits,”

All the customers and partners who are impacted by this applied restrictions will be notified through the Service Health Experience in the Azure portal and/or Microsoft 365 admin center.

Microsoft also added, “At the same time, we’re taking proactive steps to plan for high-usage periods, which includes taking prudent measures with our publishing partners to deliver higher-bandwidth activities like game updates during off-peak hours,”. Furthermore, Microsoft has been discussing with various ISPs to reduce bandwidth from video resources as well.