Microsoft Edge Beta Coming to Linux Next Month

Microsoft’s chromium-based web browser Edge beta is finally coming to Linux next month. As of now, the browser is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. It was earlier this year that Edge was made available to these aforementioned platforms.

microsoft edge beta coming to linux
Source: Microsoft

Once the Edge browser is made available for Linux computers, it will soon come to Chromebooks as well. Since Edge is already available for Android and ChromeOS has support for Android apps, the Android version of Edge could be installed on ChromeOS.

It was in the Ignite 2020 event that Microsoft made the announcement about Edge Beta for Linux. A number of things like Visual Studio Code 1.0 extension and WebView2 were also announced during the same event.

Microsoft is marketing Edge as the best browser for business. Future updates of the Edge will come with support for validating PDF signatures as well as viewing.

In the blog post, Microsoft also highlights some security benefits of using Microsoft Edge and how it could save businesses from possible threats and attacks. Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) helps in preventing data loss, which is a great thing for sure.

Once the beta version is officially made available, users who are interested to get the beta version should go to the Edge Insiders website and download the installer. The Edge installer will also be available from the Linux package manager as well.

A lot of developers and Linux nerds were eagerly waiting for Microsoft to launch Edge for Linux and it is almost around the corners. If everything goes well, you could get it in October 2020.

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