Microsoft Edge’s New Surf Game is Live

icrosoft egde surf game launched

Pretty much everyone will be already aware of the Dino game existing in Google Chrome for years now. Microsoft has officially announced the Surf game on the latest stable version of the browser and is available to the public.

The ‘surf’ game made its first appearance back in November last year as a hidden easter egg and now it’s available offline.

How to access Surf Game in Edge?

To directly access the game, all you have to do is just go ahead and type edge://surf in the address bar and hit enter. It will instantly open the game and you can start playing. Or when your Internet is down or your device is not connected to the Internet, a new message will appear in the Browser if you want to play the game. Clicking on the launch button will open it up.

The Surf game in Edge is inspired by Windows game SkiFree and in the game you are the player that rides through the water to avoid obstacles. There will be hearts that you need to collect on the way to extend your life and also get a quick speed boost. A Kraken will be following you and the main aim here is to escape from it.

The concept here is the same as seen in the Google Chrome browser. But the new Surf game in Edge is visually more appealing and is a little bit complex when compared with the one available in Google Chrome.

You can even connect your mouse, keyboard, trackpad, or gamepad to your computer and control the character via that.

It will be very helpful for people who get bored when the Internet temporarily goes down or when you are waiting for the computer to connect to the network.

The game is available on the latest version of Edge browser with build 83.0.478.37. Go ahead and update the browser to see the game in action.

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