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Microsoft’s New 2021 Advertisement Mocks Apple MacBook Pro

Microsoft has released a new advertisement campaign for the Surface Pro 7 and mocks the Apple MacBook Pro. Just yesterday, Microsoft uploaded a video on YouTube highlighting why the new Surface Pro 7 is better than MacBook Pro.

microsoft trolls macbook pro

It is a 30-seconds long commercial video released by Microsoft that shows the versatility and portability of Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in comparison with the Apple MacBook Pro.

First up, the ad tells that the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 comes with a smartpen which is not the case with the MacBook Pro. The Apple iPad comes with a smartpen but not the MacBook Pro. It also talks about the small touch bar given on the MacBook Pro while you can get a full touch screen display on the Surface Pro 7.

The second part talks about the design of the Surface Pro 7 and why is it better than the MacBook Pro. Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7 comes with a detachable keyboard. When not in use, you can remove the keyboard and use the Surface Pro 7 as a tablet, which is nice and handy. The same feature is not available on the MacBook Pro. On the other hand, the iPad Pro already gets both the smartpen and detachable keyboard feature.

Lastly, it also talks about how powerful it is that one can run games smoothly without any hassle, When it comes to Gaming, MacBooks fails miserably. Microsoft took advantage of that as well.

Surface Products from Microsoft are generally their flagship offerings with their top of the line specifications and features. Surface Pro 7 is no different. It gets some amazing features and options as well. This is not the first time that Microsoft has trolled Apple, they have done it a lot of times in the past.

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