MyJio App Gets a New Coronavirus Symptom Checker and Info Hub

myjio corona virus symptom checker

Jio has launched a new section in the MyJio app called “Jio Together Hub” to offer resources related to Coronavirus and free Coronavirus Symptom Checker. You can access these features via the MyJio App on your Android or iPhone device and their official website as well.

The Symptom Checker tool will ask you a set of questions and calculate the risk according to the answers you provide. It will suggest if you need to visit the hospital or not. As the number of positive cases in India is going higher, this is a little helping feature from Jio to self diagnose and see if you need to consult a doctor.

myjio app coronavirus symptom checker

Opening the app, you will be displayed with a popup banner highlighting the symptom checker tool. Clicking on the banner will take you there. Even if you miss the notification for any reason, you can tap on the Jio Together Hub tab on the top bar and it will take you to the page from where you can access the Symptom Checker tool.

Apart from the Symptom Checker tool, Jio Together Hub also comes with some other features that will keep you updated about the latest Coronavirus news and safety precautions as well. Earlier, Jio had partnered with Microsoft Bing to provide the Coronovirus Map within the App. Furthermore, you can also find a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section in the app that will help you find answers for your queries.

The same features and the Jio Together Hub is also available in the Jio Website and you can access them from your Web Browser as well.

Download MyJio App for Android and iOS or visit the Jio Website Symptom Checker to test yourself and share the same with your friends and family.

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