Netflix to Cancel All Inactive Accounts

Netflix to Cancel All Inactive Accounts

Netflix on blog post announced that the company will cancel the membership and delete the inactive users’ accounts on the platform. Users who have not watched any content on the platform even after one year of joining and people who have not watched any content from the last two years.

Eddy Wu, Product Innovation Head at Netflix said in the blog post, “You know that sinking feeling when you realize you signed up for something but haven’t used it in ages? At Netflix, the last thing we want is people paying for something they’re not using. “

Starting this week, Netflix will start sending emails and app notifications to those people. If Netflix does not hear back within a stipulated time, they will delete the account. Netflix also mentioned that reactivating deleted accounts is also very simple.

Netflix users’ accounts that are deleted in this process could easily get it back by reactivating it. Netflix will store all the account information and other personal preferences like Favorites, profiles, playlists, etc. Once reactivated, all this info will be restored back to the account.

Furthermore, the company also told that only less than half a percent of the total Netflix users fall in this category.

Finally to you guys. If you are someone who owns a Netflix membership and hasn’t watched anything on the platform then you might want to consider watching something to keep it intact and or let it delete. If you are planning to use Netflix in the future then go ahead and watch content for a few minutes to keep the account.

Or else, if you no longer need Netflix then you can cancel the subscription right away and save some money that way.

The number of users watching content on Netflix has seen a sudden surge during the lockdown period and as per JustWatch, Netflix’s watch share increased by at least 204%.

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