Meet The New AdSense User Interface: What’s New – Oct 2016

AdSense New UI Change: What's New
Finally, the wait is over and AdSense got it’s new User Interface update from Google. Google has officially rolled out the new UI Change in the AdSense Homepage and other pages.AdSense Team developer was working hard over the past year to bring Material Design principle to the AdSense UI and finally its done.
Developer team has completely updated the UI and next onwards when a user login to his/her AdSense account, a popup will ask them to check the new User Interface.Everytime Google is doing something great for their publishers and here is the latest update from them.
AdSense New UI Dashboard
Image Credit: AdSense Blog
The Homepage of the AdSense Dashboard has completely changed and it now makes it easier to know deeper analytics and Performance report from the Dashboard itself. The Stunning New Material Design User Interface itself is the biggest change in the new UI from the previous one.
If you are not aware of Google Material Design, have a look at its official page

What’s New?

Material Design itself is the biggest change in the new UI. Google Developer Team had been working for the past one year for the major UI Change in AdSense.Redesigned Menu and Navigation Bar makes it easier for Publishers to surf through the DashBoard.
The way that they had arranged and organized columns on the Homepage makes it easier for the publisher to check inside performance report straight from the dashboard itself.
Meet The New AdSense  Ui Change
Image Credit: AdSense Blog
Moreover, AdSense now enables its publishers to arrange the Homepage as the way the publisher needs.The publisher can Add, Edit or make changes to existing Cards on the Homepage and add a new one if they want.
Previously, AdSense used to have the Navigation Bar on the top of the window, But now with the new UI Change, Navigation Bar has changed to the left side, arranging options in a vertical manner.(Again a cool idea, Huh?)

What’s next?

As per the official AdSense post, the changes are being made on their systems and will be working for it on the coming days. As per the recent news, Google Analytics is also getting a new User Interface with advanced options. It is expected that Google Analytics to have a Material Design Principle.Anyway, let’s wait and see what changes had Google prepared fro Google Analytics on the coming days.

AdSense New UI Screens:

AdSense New Updated UI Change
How To Use New AdSense UI
AdSense New UI Welcome Note
AdSense New UI Vertical Sidebar Navigation Bar
AdSense New UI Settings Tab

Old AdSense UI:

Old AdSense UI

Final Words

AdSense’s new User Interface update is really cool and all publishers are definitely going to enjoy it.
As AdSense Developer team managed to incorporate Material Design Principle to the Core Theme of AdSense, It will really help Publishers to manage their account easily.
Now do share your thoughts about the new AdSense UI Change 🙂

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