New Apple Watch Series 7 Leaks are Here: Complete Redesign with Flat Edges

This could be the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7!

We now have some solid leaked renders of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. The new renders show the design and it is expected that Apple would go with a new flat edge design this time. If this happens, then this has to be the major design change for Apple Watch after Apple Watch Series 4 released back in 2018.

apple watch series 7 renders leaked
Credit: Jon Prosser / Ian Zelbo

Famous leakster, Jon Prosser shared the CAD renders and leaks of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 on his YouTube channel. He managed to get some tips from people who were working on the development of the Apple Watch. However, this is not the renders created by Apple itself but it is actually designed by an artist called Ian Zelbo, based on the details they received.

Here is the video Jon Prosser shared on his YouTube Channel sharing the renders and leaks of the new Apple Watch Series 7.

The major change expected to hit Apple Watch Series 7 is, of course, the major redesign itself. Ever since the Apple Watch Series 4, they feature rounded corners similar to that of the iPhone 11. But as per the renders, the new Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to come with flat edges and corners like the iPhone 12 series.

Apple might decrease the size of the bezels to all four sides and increase the screen size a bit. The overall screen size and form factor of the Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to similar to that of the previous generation.

Apple Watch Series 7 featured on the render comes in a green hue color similar to that of a color Airpods Max comes in. As for the codename of the new device, Jon Prosser didn’t receive any. He also mentioned maybe it can be an Apple Watch Series 8 instead of 7.

It is expected that Apple might launch the newer generation of Apple Watch sometime this year, maybe in September.

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