New Feature in YouTube Music Lets You Transfer Content from Google Play Music

youtube music app update

The new YouTube Music now lets you easily transfer all content like songs, playlists, purchases, etc from Google Play Music. Google is planning to slowly shift its focus from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

A new option that is now available in the YouTube Music app makes it easier for any Google Play Music user import content such as uploads, purchases, added songs, albums, and playlists.

The new feature is being rolled out to both Android as well as iOS users with the new update. After the transfer is down, Google will email you about the same, and hereafter you will be able to see those content in the Library section of YouTube Music.

Google has also made a dedicated webpage for users to transfer podcasts in Google Play Music to Google Podcasts. Google Podcasts is Google’s very own Podcast app with tons of content in different genres.

Users who have already opted for the Google Play Music Unlimited Subscription will be provided with an equivalent YouTube Music subscription with access to all content they were enjoying in Google Play Music.

Google Play Music premium subscription was priced at Rs. 99 and the YouTube Music subscription is also priced at Rs. 99 itself. YouTube is also providing a combo pack with YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium for just Rs. 129 per month. You can also avail of free trial for 30 days and cancel it at any time.

Google is now focusing more on YouTube Music and Google Play Music will be soon outdated. Google has been introducing various features and options to YouTube Music in the past. Last week, YouTube Music App got a new Explore tab for both Android and iOS versions.

Furthermore, the YouTube Music app now can locally play music in your device as well.

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