New Google Lens Update Comes with Cross-Device Copy Paste And a Lot More

google lens new features

The smart camera app from Google gets a new update where it brings some cool and amazing features on the table. Cross-device copy-paste, spelling pronunciation, etc are few features to name.

Google Lens is already having 100 million installations on the Google Play Store. You could easily scan business cards and save the contact details, scan for objects you don’t know, and copy text from real photos or images. So let’s take a look at some features that the new version has in the offer.

First is the cross-device copy-paste support. If you have used any Apple products then you might know how easy is it to sync across multiple devices. The text you copy on the iPhone can be pasted on your MacBook or iPad or vice versa. The same feature is now live in Google Lens.

For the above-mentioned feature to work, both your devices should have Google Chrome installed and sign in to the same Google Account. Now you are all good to do. You could point your camera to any image or photo, copy the text, and easily paste the same on other devices. It works well with PC, laptops, Smartphones, and iPhones. It comes with cross-platform support.

An in-line word search feature, something similar on Google Now is yet another new feature on Google Lens.

Do you want to know the exact pronunciation of a particular word in any supported language? Google Lens got you covered. The new Listen feature in Google Lens will pronounce any word for you. Point the camera to any word and tap on the new ‘Listen’ button. It will instantly read it loud with how to pronounce it.

The new update will be available for both Android as well as iOS users. Only the Listen feature will be made exclusive to Android as of now, Maybe in the next update, iOS users will get the same.

Google is also working on adding a new Maths Solver function to Google Lens.

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