New iOS Update Includes an Option to Share Songs From Apple Music on Instagram Stories

share song from apple music to instagram stories
Source: MacRumors

Apple Music gets a new feature where you can share any songs from the platform to social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. The feature was first spotted on the latest iOS 13.4.5 developer beta. As of now this beta version is only available for Developers. Apple might soon release a public beta for the general public, too.

As per the new update, Apple Music Subscribers now gets an option to share songs on Instagram and Facebook. For this, just open Apple Music app and play a song of your choice. Tap on the share button and you will find an option to share the song on Instagram Stories. Tapping on the same will open the Instagram app with the selected song in a vertical format with the album cover photo and song title. To the bottom, we can also see an Apple Music logo as well.

As you have an option to share Instagram Stories to Facebook, you can share the same story from Instagram to Facebook, too. Apple keeps on implementing new features to Apple Music to make interactive and user friendly. And this is one of them. Spotify is having this same feature for some time now and finally, Apple Music gets this. The background of the story depends on the overall color theme of the album cover.

As it is an interactive story, the status viewers could click on the album cover and it would open up Apple Music with the same song and they can listen to the same. The user should be an existing Apple Music Subscriber in order to access this feature. Or else they won’t be able to listen to the song.

As mentioned earlier the feature is available on the iOS 13.4.5 developer beta only. Sometimes, Apple might also release a public beta with the same feature. As it is just a beta feature, we are not very sure if this update will make it to the final version. Anyways, it’s a nice little feature to have in Apple Music for sure.

Source: 9to5Mac