New iPad Pro With Trackpad Support & LiDAR Scanner Unveiled by Apple

New iPad Pro with a new processor and camera system has been unveiled. Both the models look identical to last year’s model but come with some significant improvements and new multi-camera setup for the first time. Earlier, 4 New iPad models listings got accidentally published on the Apple Chinese website.

Apple highlights the trackpad support and LiDAR scanner in the camera in their press release article. The new LiDAR scanner goes along the new camera setup and helps for depth sensing and AR things.

One of the most highlighted things in the new iPad Pro is the new keyboard itself. For the first time, it comes with support for a trackpad that can be used to completely replace a traditional laptop. The new keyboard unfolds and elevates the iPad to a good viewing position. And the best part is the trackpad itself.

It’s not like that they have added it for the namesake, but have completely modified it for a better user experience exclusively for iPad only. When you move your finger across the Trackpad, the respective elements in the screen get highlighted and you can see how it work from the Video posted by Apple.

Under the hood, you get a new A12Z Bionic chip with 8 cores in the GPU and Apple also clearly mentions that the new processor is far way powerful than a Windows PC Laptops.

The new triple camera setup is also something new with the regular wide-angle, an ultrawide and this sensor known as LiDAR. It uses advanced lasers for depth sensing and for a variety of Augmented Reality based stuff. It’s a very big change from the usual single-camera setup to a triple camera setup with a LiDAR sensor for much better depth sensing and all.

The estimated backup time of the battery in the new iPad Pro is 10 hours and supports gigabit LTE instead of 5G.

New iPad Pros are available in two different colors, Silver and Grey. You get a 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and even a 1TB Storage option. The top of the line iPad Pro with max configuration  (12.9 inch iPad with 1TB Storage and LTE support) costs $1,649. And the new Magic Keyboard will cost you an additional $349, making it a total of $2,000 ($1,998 to be precise).

Earlier today Apple also announced new 2020 MacBook Air with 256GB Storage, new scissor keyboard technology “Magic Keybaord” and latest 10th gen Intel Core i7 Processor which delivers double the performance and 80% increased Graphics performance.

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