New MacBooks with Scissor Keyboards to Launch in Q2, 2020

macbook pro scissor keyboard update

You might be already aware of the various problems with the Butterfly keyboard after prolonged use. Apple is more likely to use all new Scissor Keyboard in its upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineup. As of now, the current 13 inch model of both Macbook Pro and MacBook Air is still having the butterfly keyboard that suffers from issues like Sticky keys or keys getting jammed even with a minute amount of dust particles and debris accumulated.

Renowned analyst Ming Chu Kuo said that the devices will have some cost optimization or cost-cutting measures which won’t matter to the user anyway.  There are high chances that the 13 inch MacBook Pro will be completely replaced with new 14 inch MacBook and the MacBook Air is much likely to retain the same 13-inch screen.

Earlier in 2018, Apple even offered a free repair program through which users can get their faulty keyboard to repaired free of cost.

The new Scissor Keyboard is way more reliable than the older Butterfly model keyboard and the customers will get benefited from this move for sure.

If the information’s are to be believed then all the upcoming line ups of every Macbook models including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will come with the new Scissor Keyboards, which will be a more reliable and welcome change for every Mac users who are into typing long articles, documents or anyone who is into typing for longer period of time.

More specification changes in the latest model are yet to be revealed and keyboard mechanism change is the only updated info available right now.

Source: Mac Rumors

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