No Alexa Rank For My Blog – Reason Behind It

This is a common question asked by many bloggers.Getting listed in Alexa ranking is not a hill climbing task.Anyone with a new blog will get listed in Alexa rank within a few days. Alexa rank also play a great role in maintaining your blog reputation.

If you want to know why your blog is not getting listed in Alexa rank, Before that you should know how alexa rank works

Alexa ranks are not estimated as you think, All website’s stats are collected by Alexa Toolbar installed in visitor’s Toolbar, Yeah really Traffic is not a factor that determine your blog’s traffic.
Your blog alexa rank increases when a visitor who has installed Alexa toolbar in his browser visits your blog.

Let we consider a example :

There are two blogs A and B, A gets a traffic of 1500 visitors a day and B gets 2000 visitors a day.But the alexa rank got for both the blogs are completely different.Blog A has more Alexa rank than B, Now you might think how is it possible.

Out of 1500 visitors A got 900 of visitors has installed Alexa toolbar and in case of B got only 500 visitors who has installed Alexa toolbar.

Now you might understand how Alexa  determine a site stats and give them a rank.

Similarly, If your blog want to get listed in alexa rank, you also need visitors who installed Alexa Toolbar in their browser.

Who Installs Alexa Toolbar :

Yet another interesting question, Usually Bloggers, Internet Marketers and other online users install Alexa toolbar on their browser.

Installing Alexa toolbar in your browser also help others to get listed in alexa rank and one with Alexa toolbar visits your site,Then you get a alexa visitors too
How to Increase My Blog’s Alexa Rank

How To Increase :

Adding a Alexa widget to your blog can also help in increasing your Alexa rank in a good way

Check : How to add Alexa certified site metrics Widget to your WP and Blogger blog for FREE

Finally, If you blog wanted to get listed you need more Alexa toolbar installed visitors.

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