Now Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web with this Trick

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode

If you are an ardent fan of Dark mode then here is good news for you. WhatsApp is working on bringing dark mode to the web version of it, WhatsApp Web. It was back in in 2015 that WhatsApp announced the web version of WhatsApp.

A couple of months ago the mobile app of WhatsApp for Android and iOS also got dark mode support. It might take a little while for WhatsApp to introduce dark mode in But we got a quick workaround to temporarily enable dark mode.

All thanks to WABetaInfo, we can now enable dark mode in WhatsApp by simply editing a single line of code in the source code.

How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp Web?

First of all, open and login to your account.

Once done, now comes the main part. (In this I am using Google Chrome, it will work with other browsers also.)

Right click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect Element”

Now press Ctrl+F to bring search bar, type the following code and press enter.

<body class=”web”

Now replace the above given code to <body class=”web dark”. All you have to do is just add dark after web and also a space in between. Now hit enter

Enable dark mode in whatsapp web

Dark will be activated on

This is how we enable dark mode in WhatsApp Web.

Users might want to wait for some more time for WhatsApp to bring a dark mode to the web version.

The only thing with this method is that it is temporary. If you are someone who uses WhatsApp Web all day long then this might be for you. But for casual users, it might not make any sense as soon as you close the tab and open it again the changes will be reverted. You will have to change the code again to get the dark mode back.

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