Now Enable HTTPS On Your Blogspot/Blogger Blogs

Security is the one factor that some  users check when visiting website/blog.Nowadays Hacking is common, Even our Kerala Government’s official e-portal Website was hacked by a group of people.There are many remedy you can make use of for protecting your website and your website data.

Enabling HTTPS is another way you can make your website more secure than the other website.
Now Google is also offering this feature for free in blogger blog.Any blogger/blogspor blog users can make their blog secure by HTTPS.

Currently now google only offer HTTPS for blog that are hosted at Google only.If your blog is routed to any custom domain you will be not eligible for this google’s offer

Check how HTTP is different from HTTPS :

The tutorial is simply straight forward

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic Settings

Now you will find a new option HTTPS Availability as 3rd option

Now simply select Yes from the option there and your blog will be now visible in https version too.

After making changes your blog will be visible in both http and https versions.

Note ; Bloggers using custom domain can’t use this feature.We can expect that Google will add it soon to custom domain.

Now you can also add Twitter Feed Box To Your Blogger Blog

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