Now You Can Directly Update Intel GPU Drivers As Soon As Intel Release Them

easily update intel gpu drivers

Generally, some PC manufacturers customize the Intel Graphics driver to tweak as per the device configuration. In this case, you could only update the graphics driver when the OEM pushes the update. Even if Intel releases a new update, you won’t be able to install it on your PC.

Intel got a new solution to this problem. Now, you could install a Graphics driver update directly from Intel without having any issue from the OEM. You won’t be blocked from installing the update which would happen otherwise.

Sometimes, OEM customizes the driver package from Intel to better suit the system. In this case, if Intel releases a new update then OEM needs to customize and send it to the users, only then they will be able to install the update.

Often OEMs and PC manufactures will be late in customizing and pushing the update and sometimes they won’t even update at all, especially users with low-end systems. This is where the Graphics Driver Smart Installer comes into play.

In a press release, Intel stated, “Graphics Driver Smart Installer Enhancement allows end-users to upgrade systems with OEM DCH drivers to newer Intel generic DCH drivers. OEM customizations are preserved during this upgrade process, in accordance with Microsoft’s DCH driver design principles.”

As per Intel, you could now update the driver as soon as Intel releases them without breaking any active settings set by the OEM. This will only apply if there are no other restrictions set by the OEM apart from this.

All you have to do is just download the GPU driver installer from the Intel’s website and then install the GPU update via the software easily.

For this to work, you need to download the latest version of Intel® Driver & Support Assistant software. You can get it from the Intel website and update existing drivers without needing to wait for the OEM to push updates.

Source: Intel

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