Offline Method Of Advertising For Promoting Your Blog/Website

We have seen many methods to promote our blog online, Have you ever thought of promoting your blog/website in a offline method without internet, If not i will show it here.

If you want to promote your blog/website online through advertisement you need to spend cash that is not affordable by you.

Offline method of advertising is one way that you can promote your blog/website without paying anything.

Now let’s come to point :

Basically for offline mode of advertising we are watermarking videos, Image, Music and Renaming file names.

1. Through Videos 


People loves to watch videos and movies great, Watermarking with your sites name, logo or web address will make you get more readers and make money with your blog.

When a person is watching a movie suddenly there comes few words or images at a corner promoting your blog address and some words describes your blog best.

Think that one person is interested in downloading windows 10 iso, One day when that person was watching a movie from the watermark he/she saw that in that particular website he can download windows 10. Suddenly that person will visit your blog for downloading windows 10. See how it

How To Add It ?

Tips To Mind :

  • Do not add full screen ads/watermark and make users disturbed
  • Try to add watermarks without many colors and only one color, Grey/White acts best
  • Do not make watermark to appear every time make it visible only certain intervels
  • Make a description that will describe your blog in short as possible

2.Through Images

Adding watermark to images like wallpaper is another way for promoting your blog/website.It can also drive  tons of traffic and visitors to your blog.
When a person keeps or view a wallpaper that is watermarked with the name of your blog, If she/he wants similar wallpapers like that she/he is definitely going to visit your blog, Yet another way for getting more readers

How To Add It ?

You can add watermarks to image files using a small image manipulating software like microsoft paint or some kind image converting and watermarking softwares.

Tips To Mind :

  • Add only translucent watermark images and logos
  • Add only small one
  • Do not make it users disturbing
  • Do not add it on chest of the image

3. Through Audios

Now listening to musics is one of the main passion of youngsters and other people.So we can also make use of this property too.
Adding cover images, source info, tags, singer name etc are some ways we can do it other than watermarks.

How To Add It ?

You can make use of softwares like Aimp3 for adding such sources to a audio file

Tips To Mind :

  • As it is a audio file utilize maximum as possible
  • Add websites name, URL, 
  • Add detailed description about your website
  • Add colorful and good images as cover photo
  • Compress images before dding it to audio
  • Reduce size without loosing quality

4.Adding Text Files

You can add text files such as txt or other similar files. Add clear attribution to your site with all detailed info, Where the file was downloaded from, Created by etc.,
You can add such text to files which you host on your blog, Giving to your friend

How To Create It ?

You can create it with simple text editor software like notepad.

Tips To Mind ;

  • Add details as much as possible
  • Add site sttribution
  • Add complete info about your site
Other than txt files you can also create a pdf file for permanent use and add it 

4.Other Methods

Methods other than listed here is file naming method, Were you wan to edit file names by adding your website/blog name along with that
Example :
Original : Example Folder

Edited : – Example Folder or Example Folder – or anything as you wish

What’s Next

Now share those files with your friends, Now those friends will share it to their friends and so on. then you will get more readers to your blog
Upload those created files to any file hosting service or to your website and share the links on social networks, on your blog and else any were on INTERNET

Conclusion :

See how simple it is to create such files and share it with your friends

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