OneOdio Pro 50 Review: The Best Sounding Headphone?

If you are looking for one of the best-sounding headphones in the sub Rs. 4,000 ($50) segment then I might have a quality lead for you.

In this article, let’s review the OneOdio Pro 50 Studio headphones and see whether or not should you get the same for your audio consumption needs.

We will go through all important aspects of the headphones including build quality and sound experience.

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So, let’s start.

Packing and Box Content

First of, let’s start with packing and the content we get inside the box.

Pro 50 Box

I must say that the packing box quality is absolutely top notch. As soon as you grab the box in your hand, you will feel the premium quality of the box. It is made up of high-quality thick cardboard with a soft finish to it.

To the top, we have the OnOdio branding and to the bottom comes techincal specifications of the headphones.

As for the content inside the box, we get two audio cables. One with 3.5 mm connected on both the ends with a microphone and the other one is a coiled cable with a 6.5mm connector on one end and a 3.5mm connector on the other side.

3.5mm cable
6.5mm cable

Apart from the cables, we also get a user manual as well as a high-quality carrying pouch as well. The pouch has a soft-touch finish to it with red accents.

carrying pouch

Overall, the packing quality of OneOdio Pro 50 absolutely impressed me. It felt like I am unboxing a super premium headphone.

Build Quality, Design and Comfort

Next, let’s talk about the build quality of the OneOdio Pro 50 headphone.

As soon as you take out the headphone, you’ll notice that almost 80 per cent of the headphone is built with plastic.

Pro 50 Headphone

The headband section is actually made up of metal and helps in the better durability of the headphones. Underneath the headband, you’ll find leather cushioning to make wearing headphones for a prolonged time comfy.


You can pull or push the headband of the headphone to increase or decrease the size so that you get a better fitting based on your head size. The clamping force of the headphone is a bit to the higher side, so the headphone stays in place just like the way you want and you might feel a little pressure on your ears.

The outside of earcups has a rubber finish with OneOdio branding on either side.

oneodio branding

And around the ear cup, you will find a chrome finish which is highly reflective and also attracts a bit of fingerprint too.

chrome finish

The leather cushion part that comes in contact with the ears is made up of protein leather memory foam and is so soft and has a premium feel to it.


Since the shape of the earcup is circular, you won’t find it difficult to wear it if you have small to medium size ears. But if you are someone with a bit bigger ears then you might feel some sort of uncomfortableness using them for prolonged periods of time.

The red stitching that runs all around the ear cups gives good looks and feels to the headphone. The cushion part itself is so soft.

The earcups can be titled and rotated by 90 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically giving you the ability to better fit the headphone on your head.

tilt and rotate

All thanks to the plastic build, the overall weight of the OneOdio Pro 50 is 400 grams only.

The quality of the wires/cables that you get along the headphones is top-notch. The 6.5mm to 3.55mm cable’s quality is absolutely great and has a coiled structure to it helping you to elongate it a more distance as per the requirements,

The 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable also comes with a microphone that you can use to connect to your laptop or smartphone.


So keep in mind that you don’t have a microphone in the 6.5mm to 3.5mm cable. If you want to use a microphone then you will have to use the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable only. As for the quality of the microphone, it’s good and shouldn’t be a problem for you if you use it for video calls or audio calls. But it might not be a good option if you want to record videos or audio with the microphone.

The microphone also has a single switch to it which you can use to pick/hang-up calls and also to play and pause music as well.

Sound Quality

Now comes the most important part of any headphones, the SOUND QUALITY.

The OneOdio Pro 50 is easily one of the best-sounding headphones when it comes to the sub Rs. 4,000 ($50) wired over the ear headphones category.

I have been using these headphones for about 3 weeks now and the quality for the price you pay is awesome.

pro 50 headphones

I mainly use OneOdio Pro 50 for video editing and consuming multimedia content including movies, series and music as well.

Although the headphone has nice bass levels to them, it does not have any bass-boosted functionality. The bass coming out of the earphone is really good but it you are looking for extremely boosted bass then you might get a little disappointed.

There is passive noise isolation in these headphones and the loudness levels are okayish too. They don’t get crazy loud but will be enough for more than 90 per cent of the people.

In short, the audio quality of the headphone is absolutely crisp and you would totally enjoy listening to them for hours easily.

Who is OneOdio Pro 50 for?

I tried playing some casual games with the OneOdio Pro 50 and it gave some decent gaming experience. OneOdio Pro 50 is not a gaming headset by any means.

OneOdio Pro 50 is mainly targeted to people who do content creation like video editing, DJ mixing, Music mixing, etc. The headphone is absolutely great for audio consumption as well.

Final Verdict

The OneOdio Pro 50 is a really great headphone under Rs. 4,000 ($50) price segment. Actually, it is one of the best-sounding headphones in this segment. If you are into things like video editing then I would definitely suggest these headphones to you considering the price at which is it available.

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