OnePlus To Temporarily Disable Color Filter Camera In OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus Temporarily Disables Fourth Camera in OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus has announced on a Weibo post that the company will temporarily disable the fourth camera in an upcoming update on OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a quad-camera setup and the fourth camera in this setup is a color filter camera that could be used to enhance the images and add more effects to it.

But recently, a lot of claims regarding the feature were surfacing online. As per the reports, the camera has ‘see-through’ capabilities by which anyone could use the camera to see things inside of something which is not visible to our naked eye.

Lewis from Unbox Therapy has demonstrated the same and shows us how the fourth camera in the device could be used to see objects inside something. In his video, he was able to see through an Apple TV, a bunch of TV and Monitor remotes. What’s more interesting here is the fact that he was able to see through a thin black colored t-shirt as well.

This raises privacy concerns among the users and taking it into account, OnePlus will be temporarily disabling the option in an upcoming update.

After the update is done, users will only be able to use three rear cameras and the fourth one will be temporarily disabled. As the update is temporary, OnePlus might introduce yet another update in the future to better make use of the fourth sensor.

As per lots of reports online, the camera is said to have something very similar to an x-ray scanner but this is not actually true. The camera could only be used to see through thin objects and not through thick plastic surfaces.

According to the post posted by OnePlus on Weibo, the company will roll out the update within a week and after the update is done, the fourth camera will temporarily go down.

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