OnePlus to Unveil New Affordable OnePlus TV on July 2

OnePlus to luanch affordable smart TVs in India

It was back in September 2019 that OnePlus first introduced a smart TV with tons of features including great display and speakers. The company launched two TVs and both of them were in the premium TV segment.

As you might already know the Smart TV segment in India is dominated by affordable Smart TV manufacturers like Redmi, Vu, and now Realme. So OnePlus did not manage to get that much hype. Now, the company is all set to take over the Indian market by introducing affordable smart TVs with robust features.

The CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau on Twitter announced that the company will unveil a new affordable lineup of smart TVs in India on July 2.

As per him, the company wanted to make OnePlus TVs available to a mass of people in India and the only way of doing it is by introducing feature-rich TVs at affordable prices. This is the same strategy used by Remdi, Realme, and Vu to capture the Indian market.

The earlier launched OnePlus TV Q1 was priced at Rs. 69,000 and OnePlus TV Q1 Pro starting from Rs. 99,900. Both the TVs were launched in the premium segment and a majority of people in India are into affordable segment so OnePlus didn’t saw any massive growth like any other OnePlus device.

As per the reports surfacing online, the new OnePlus TVs will be priced much lower and might start somewhere from Rs. 15,000 and the second one might be somewhere around Rs. 30,000 marks.

The Smart TV market in India is headed by Redmi, Vu and now Realme. Introducing OnePlus TV will definitely make a difference if the company manages to launch it at an attractive price and all features incorporated.

It will hit the Indian market on July 2 and there also possibilities that we might get to see the new upcoming affordable OnePlus Z. OnePlus is now focusing more on the affordable products segment in India to capture a wider audience.

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