OnePlus’s Upcoming TWS Earbuds Could Be Called as ‘OnePlus Pods’

OnePlus Pods spotted in Android 11 Beta
Source: Max J

We have been hearing a lot about the upcoming Truly Wireless Earbuds from OnePlus. Everyone expected that OnePlus might unveil the company’s first Truly Wireless Earbuds during the OnePlus 8 series launch event but sadly that didn’t happen. Instead, the company went ahead and launched the Bullets Wireless Z.

All thanks to XDA Developers, traces of truly wireless earbuds from OnePlus has been found on the latest Android 11 Beta 1 for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Bullets Wireless earphone series hit the market by storm and a lot of people liked it. But it was little too pricey at the same time, that’s when OnePlus is launching the Wireless Bullets Z.

A string called “oneplus_tws_pods_function” and multiple occurrences of a reference to OnePlus Pods in the title have been found in the beta OS source code. So, be rest assured that the company is planning for an imminent launch. Furthermore, folks over at XDA were even able to find a dedicated app for OnePlus Pods to control the device as well.

It is also expected that the upcoming OnePlus Pods might support various gestures controls to make it easy to control and use. Gestures such as double-tap to play, pause, play, etc have been found. Traces of Google’s Find My Accessories feature and use Google’s Fast Pair service is also found within the source code, so it might get some option to find the device Bluetooth or something like that.

Everyone is expecting OnePlus to introduce the new OnePlus Pods during the OnePlus Z launch event. It has been confirmed by OnePlus that company will be launching an affordable OnePlus mid-range smartphone – It should be the OnePlus Z. The company is also planning to launch affordable smart TVs in India as well.

OnePlus has not confirmed anything regarding the upcoming OnePlus TWS. So we will have to wait for some more time.

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