Best Online iOS Emulator to run iPhones Apps in Browser

iOS Emulator is a cloud-based iPhone Emulator that will let us run any iOS apps on our Web Browser. Recently, we shared Online Android Emulator that helped us to run Android Apps on our PC with a Web Browser. This is a cloud-based iOS Emulator so you are not required to download anything. If you are about to run iOS Apps on your PC then you have two options to go with. The first one is to use an offline iOS Emulator and the other one is to use the Online iOS Emulator that we are about to discuss in this article.

The iOS Emulator mentioned in this article is cloud-based, so you are not required to download any sort of application for that. All you need is just a Web Browser and that’s it. Be sure to use some sort of modern Web Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. You can follow the steps mentioned below and run iOS Apps on PC or Laptop. Let’s say that you want to run an iOS Game for testing purposes then this will come really handy for you. Even if you don’t own an iOS device and want to use apps that are specifically made for iPhones, then this trick will be more than enough for you.

online ios emulator

If you want to use Apps like WhatsApp, etc and use it for a very long time then you might want to consider using some of their paid plans. The free option without registration will be more than enough for you to just try the app for some time. I will update the article when new Online iOS Emulators are available and you can make use of those as well. Now, let’s see How to use Online iOS Emulator and run iPhone Apps on our PC or Laptop.

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Online iOS Emulator to run iOS Apps on PC/Laptop

This article is mainly for people who are into developing iOS Apps and iPhone apps. They can easily test their apps and debug to find errors or bugs. But if you are a casual user who want to run different iOS Apps and Games on your PC then I will suggest you try iOS Emulators for PC to run any apps without any limit or restriction. The thing is that you will need to download an emulator first and then you will be able to install any iPhone apps from the Apple App Store.

online iphone emulator

Run iOS Apps on PC with Appetize

We will be using a website called Appetize to run iOS Apps on our PC. Appetize comes with both Free as well as paid plans. With the FREE plan you get 100 minutes per month to use varioud apps. You only get 1 concurrent session in the free plan. If you want more time and sesssions then you need to subscribe to one of their’s pro plan.

Step 1: Go to Appetize iOS Emulator page and on top, you can see an option called Upload, just click on it and it will launch a basic iPhone device for demo purpose.

From the options below that, you can select the device on which you want to try the app, device color, whether turn on debug log, etc. Just click on Tap to Play button and you will be presented with an iPhone 7 to try their service. By default, it will open the Wikipedia app and you can navigate around and try it.

online ios emulator for pc

This is for demo purpose. Now, let’s see how we can upload our App to Appetize and try using them in our Browser.

Step 2: From the top bar, click on the Sign Up button and create a new account on the site. You will be asked to type your Email, Name, and Password, then verify your account with the verification link that will be sent to your email to validate your account.

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Step 3: Once your account is verified, just log in to your new account. From the top bar select the option called “Upload”

upload ios app

Step 4: You are required to upload your iOS App file here. Navigate and find the app and then upload it to their server.

Wait until it is processed.

Step 5: From the top bar, click on Dashboard. Here, you will find the app you just uploaded, all you have to do is click on the view button above the app name.

open ios app on pc

Step 6: Now, it will open a new window with an iPhone device. You can select your preferred device from the option that is available and adjust other settings there.

Step 7: Tap on the mobile screen and it will launch the app you just uploaded. If you are on a free account then you might be asked to stay in a queue.

Step 8: The app will be opened and you can start using it right away. Every feature will work except calling. You can browse the web, sign up, log in, stream or do whatever you want within the mobile interface.

In the example below, you can see that I opened Wikipedia app and it is working fine. I am able to go back and forth and also go to the iPhone settings.

online ios emulator free

Below you can see that I am able to go to the iPhone settings and change the settings as per my requirements.

iphone settings

This is the easiest way to open and run Apps for iPhone on a PC or Laptop. It doesn’t matter if you are having a Windows, Mac or Linux PC. As long as you have a working web browser, you are all good to go.

Final Words

This is probably the best method to run iOS Apps or Games on your computer with a web browser. If you are looking for something where you need to play games and then save your progress then I will suggest you install Offline iOS Emulator for PC. By using Emulators like this you can save your progress and continue from where you left, you can log in to your social media accounts, etc which are not possible in Online iOS Emulator. So make sure whether you want to use an Online iPhone Emulator or Offline iOS Emulator first and then proceed further. Also, note that it is not possible for us to download iOS Apps like what we do with Android Apps (.apk)

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