Paranoid Android 10 Stable Build is Here

quartz 1 stable version released

Paranoid Android releases Quartz, their first stable build since Nougat. Paranoid Android has been a great custom ROM choice for many people and after a long time finally, they released the stable version of custom ROM based on Android 10. It is now available for a variety of devices including devices from Xiaomi, OnePlus, Asus and Essential Phone.

This is the first stable version release after the launch of Nougat build. The newer version of the custom ROM is codenamed ‘Quartz’. The official team has listed the changelog and you can find it below.

  • Included GAPPS inside the zips.
  • April 2020 Security Patch Level.
  • OTA support (with deltas).
  • Adaptive Playback.
  • Screen stabilization (Gimbal mode).
  • SafetyNet (most devices).
  • Built-in screen recorder.
  • FOD support (Fingerprint On Display).
  • Pulse notifications.
  • ParanoidDoze: extended AOD support
  • Off-screen gestures.
  • Gestures support.
  • Vibration adapted UI.
  • Extended vibration system (OnePlus devices).
  • Alert Slider UI (OnePlus devices).
  • OTS: On The Spot, introduce user hint prompt system, uses a snack bar design to prompt the user for changes.
  • Pocket Mode, introduces a mode that will detect whenever your device is on the pocket and prevent it from waking.
  • The fast Charging indicator (includes OnePlus devices).
  • Quick Settings Pull Down with one finger.
  • Extended Restart.
  • Introduced Settings reset for PA features under Settings → System → Reset Options.
  • Double-tap to sleep on keyguard (lock screen) and launcher.
  • Volume Long Press to Skip Tracks.
  • Volume panel on left for devices with left volume buttons.
  • Adjusted status bar notifications per device.
  • Navigation bar customization.
  • Improved lock screen security
  • Caffeine tile (thanks LineageOS).
  • Extended screenshot support (thanks to Pixel Experience).
  • Per-app cellular data, VPN and wifi restrictions.
  • Three-finger swipe down for screenshots.
  • Pop-Up camera support.
  • Based off CAF LA.UM.8.2.r1-04200-sdm660.0 tag.

These are the devices for which you can download the build right away:

  • Asus Zenfone Pro Max M2
  • Asus Zenfone Pro Max M1
  • Essential Phone
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • OnePlus 6
  • OnePlus 6T
  • OnePlus 3
  • OnePlus  3T
  • Redmi 5
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Xiaomi Mi 6

And the official support will be extended to these devices in the coming weeks if not days.

  • OnePlus 5 and 5T
  • OnePlus 7, 7T, and 7T Pro
  • Pocophone F1
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Dual
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Compact Dual
  • Sony Xperia XZ3 and XZ3 Dual
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T and Redmi K20
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and Redmi K20 Pro

Quartz 1 will also provide you with incremental updates which makes getting new features and options on top the build easier and does not require you to update the entire ROM.

Source: Paranoid Android Blog

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