Personal Information of 267 Million Facebook User Are For Sale on Dark Web

facebook databreach 267 million users

A new data breach of Facebook puts personal information of 267 million users at risk. Personally identifiable information like Name, Email, Address, Date of Birth, etc have been leaked by hackers and are available to buy on the Dark Web. One could get the data for as low as $543.

A cybersecurity and research firm, Cyable Inc. first reported that they were able to buy personal information of about 267 million Facebook users for around 500 Euros. 267 Million is such a big scary number and the data downloaded by Cyable contains information like First name last name, address, email IDs, Phone numbers, Date of Birth, Age, and a few more personal details.

As per Cyable, the breach might have occurred due to a leakage in third-party API or scrapping. The personally identified information could be used for phishing and other spammy activities.

Following the deal on the Dark Web, Cyable Inc, the security company, verified and uploaded the same to their database. To see if your account informational Leaked or not, you could visit the Amibreached website and check for it.

Just visit the website and type your email in the filed provided. If the software finds your Email in their database of breached accounts then it will appear in there. If you find it, then it is better to change the password and keep your account safe from any potential damages.

This is yet another data breach after the ever famous Cambridge analytics scandal. What’s more interesting is the fact that anyone could download the data from the Dark Web by paying a relatively small amount for such a big database of information.

Source: Cyable

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