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Personalization in Email Marketing: How to Get More Clients?

Email Marketing is everywhere and every company tries to acquire potential customers through Email marketing. I receive tons of emails every day, but the majority of them don’t even mention my name. That clearly shows that they sent bulk emails to thousands of people including me and there’s no personalization touch in it. People won’t even care to open the email in the first place.

Now think about it in this way. A person receives an email mentioning his/her name, this adds a lot of personalization to the email and makes the user feel that the email was tailored just for him/her. So, if you are a business owner then sending personalized email to your customers can help you in increasing engagement, conversion, and revenue.

There are tons of toolkits available in the market that will help you to send personalized emails to thousands of people in a single click. Using this method, your efforts are minimal but you can expect a far way better conversion rate than a non-personalized email.

Why Personalize Emails?

A recent study has found that more than 80 percent of email marketers found far way better email opening rates when some sort of email personalization is used. Personalization elements can be of any type – It can be the name of the person or something that uniquely refers to the recipient only. eSputnik is one such tool that you can use to employ bulk personalized email marketing automation easily.

In this article, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you to add some personalization touch to the email and increase email opening rates and in turn conversion.

Audience Segmentation

Grouping the audience by their interest/demographics or audience segmentation is of high importance when it comes to email marketing. Let’s suppose you are running an online e-commerce store selling various items from different categories. A person is on the site to buy something (Product A), but your site also has various other products like (Product B, C, etc) which are no way related to the first product. In this case, if you email the person about products from a different category then it will be of no use as the user might not be interested in it.

Let’s take another example. Let’s say that you are running a promotional offer for users from a specific region only. And you want to send an email regarding the offer. Now, we only want this email to reach users from that specific region only. This is where segmentation or categorization of audience based on different factors comes into play.

We can categorize users based on different things like demographics, interest, age group, etc.

In fact, a study has found a massive 760% increase in revenue and 26% increase in email opening rates just by segmenting the right audience in the right way.

The Power of Using Customer Names

Addressing customers by their name is one of the effective personalization techniques that you can use to increase engagement. Mentioning the name of the user in the email subject or body will make them feel like one of their friend is emailing them. That’s a high bit of personalization here.

Instead of using terms like Hi or Hi there, it is always better to use the name of the customer to address them. You will grab the attention of the user instantly from the 1st line itself and it will definitely increase the conversion rate.

Dynamically Personalized Email Content

Dynamic elements in an email are something that changes according to the preference of users. For example, you can add a placeholder in the email for location, time, date, etc that changes according to something. Let’s suppose you are sending an email to three people. Person A is from India, B from the US, and C from Canada. For some reason, you want to mention their respective country in a specific section of the email. If you were about to go with the conventional method, then it would take ages for you to write email to everyone. This is where adding dynamic content to email comes into play.

You can create a placeholder for Country like {country} and it will automatically change the country depending on the user’s location. This way you are only required to write a single email copy saving you tons of time.

Personlized Product Recommendation

Credits: Sleeknote

Instead of sending emails about a particular product to everyone, it’s always better to send about something that matters to the user. You can make use of the audience segmentation technique to divide and group users based on their purchase history and then send them personalized emails about products that they have purchased in the past. Instead of sending emails just about anything, make sure to send them what converts.

Design Responsive and Eye Catchy Email Templates

No one wants to see boring text-based emails. Make sure to design emails with lots of interactive controls and multimedia content like animated GIFs, high-quality photos, and more. Furthermore, make sure that they are responsive as well. Different people use different devices to check email so that one email you send should perfectly fit all the devices including a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Almost all leading email marketing services let you design cool-looking responsive email templates. You can either design one from scratch or get started with a template and then make needful changes to it.


These are some tips that you can try to increase personalization in emails to increase ROI. Adding personalization elements to an email will help you to increase email opening rates, engagements, and everything points to one thing increased revenue. If you get it done right, personalized email marketing can do wonders. Spending a little bit more time to add personalized elements to the email will be worth it and results will be far way better as well.

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