How To Play YouTube In The Background on Android and iOS

Want to listen to your favorite Music, Song or Podcast on Youtube while doing other things on your smartphone? If yes then this article is perfected just for you. Today, in this article, you will find how exactly you can Play YouTube in Background so that you can do multitasking while listening to your favorite stuff.

By default, YouTube is not at all having a feature that will let anyone play Videos in the background. That is, When you play a video on YouTube and you minimize the App, the video will be paused automatically. The ability to play YouTube Videos in the background is one of the much-awaited features that almost all YouTube Music lovers are waiting forward for. Did you know that YouTube is having a Dark Mode feature that will let you browse YouTube for longer periods of time at night? Enable YouTube Dark Mode Here

Play Youtube in Background Android and iOS

There are a lot of music Apps available both for Android and iOS but trust me guys, nothing can beat YouTube itself. YouTube is planning to launch a special version just for music called YouTube Music until then this method will come handy when you want to play some amazingly cool YouTube videos in the background. Almost all Songs that you want to listen is right there on YouTube, so finding it is no way a tough task. Background playback feature is also available in OGYouTube

Not just Music, you can listen to other videos, Speeches, and Podcasts with these simple trick for iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter what device you are having, whether it be an iOS device or an Android device, we got you covered.

Play YouTube In Background

Well, that was a long intro. Now let’s directly jump to the article and see how to play YouTube Videos in Background.

I will be sharing two methods for Android and iOS. If you are having an iOS device then move to the second method and if you are having an Android device then read the method right below.

Learn to watch videos that are blocked in your country on YouTube. Don’t worry if a video is blocked or not available in your country, easily bypass Geo-Restriction on YouTube by following the simple guide here: Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in your Country.

Play YouTube Video in Background on Android

Every Android device comes with Google Chrome Web Browser installed, right out of the box. We are using the same Google Chrome App to get our job done. Let’s see how.

  • Make sure that you are having Google Chrome installed on your smartphone, if not install it.
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type in the address bar and hit GO
  • Once the page is loaded, tap on the three dots icon and tick on the option called “Request Desktop Site”

desktop site youtube for background playback

  • Now, the Desktop version of YouTube will load up. (Desktop version is not responsive but doesn’t worry you can navigate to different options by zooming in.)
  • Now search and find your favorite Music or Video and Play the Video
  • Once the video started playing, minimize the app or even lock the phone.
  • At first, when you minimize or lock the phone, the video playback will be paused. But don’t worry. Just pull down the Notification Bar and you will find a Play, Pause, Rewind and Forward button in a Chrome Notification.
  • Just tap on the Play button and the video will start to play instantly.

resume youtube video in background

  • If you have locked your phone, in the lock screen itself you will be able to find a Plau, Pause button.

play youtube in lock screen android

  • Voilaa! That’s it. We have successfully played a YuTube Video in Background on an Android Device.

Download the latest version of Google Chrome, which is real-time updated.

Now let’s see what is the case with an iOS Device.

Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone

Now that we have seen how we can easily play YouTube Videos in Background on Android devices, let’s see how we can do the same in iPhone devices running iOS. No, the trick is not similar for both and the Android-specific trick above won’t work for iPhone.

For iPhone and iPad devices running iOS, we are required to download a third party browser app called Dolphin Web Browser, which will get our job done. You can download the latest version from the link given below and the link is from Apple App Store itself so everything is safe and secure.

  • First of all, Download Dolphin We Browser for iOS from the link given below

Dolphin Web Browser


  • Simply head over to the above link and install the App on your iOS Device.
  • Once installed, Open Dolphin Web Browser and go to
  • Type and search for your favorite video
  • Play the Video
  • Now, exit the Dolphin Browser App and the Video will still play in the background, How cool is that?
  • Well, this is how we can easily play YouTube Videos in the Background on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

The Dolphin Web Browser is available for Android devices, too. But you are not at all required to download and use Dolphin Web Browser on Android as we are already having Google Chrome installed, which will get our job done.

Now, we have shared working tricks for both Android and iOS. No matter what device you are having, we got you covered.

Final Words

This is exactly how we can play any YouTube Videos or Music in the background on any Android and iOS Devices. These tricks come really handy when you want to listen to your favorite music while you are doing other things on your smartphone. Many Android Smartphones are nowadays having multitasking features, which will enable us to do various things at the same time. If you want to enjoy your favorite Songs and Music from YouTube itself and don’t want to use any sort of other apps like Saavn, Gaana, Spotify, etc then this method is what you are looking for. Everything from start to end has been described detailly in this article, Hope it helps. Be sure to share this article with your friends who you think this article will be helpful. Also be sure to comment down below if you found this article useful and also to clarify your doubts.

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