Free Zbigz Premium Account with Password – [Lifetime] NO SURVEY

We all know about the Industry leading Torrent to IDM Website giant, Zbigz. Zbigz is a premium service used by thousands of people around the world to download Torrent stuff without actually having a Torrent Downloader client. While using Zbigz, you will not need any Torrent client to download files from any torrent website. This is exactly where the Free Zbigz Premium Account comes in handy. As mentioned above, Zbigz is a premium paid service, Only users who pay can use their service. Recently, In this article, I have also mentioned the top Zbigz Alternatives as well.

There are quite a lot of reasons why you wanted to use Torrent to Direct Download Services like Zbigz.  Most people use Zbigz just for getting rid of the Torrent client. We all know that Torrent is a peer-to-peer Download system. The Download Speed you get depends upon the number of Seeders a particular Torrent has. If a torrent has no seeder, then you will not be able to download that particular file.

When comparing Torrent method of downloading with Direct Link Downloading, the Direct Downloading method is always faster than Torrent. (Be sure to use a High Performance and Speedy Server Host.) So, without further ado, let’s get into it and let’s see How to get a Zbigz Premium Account completely for Free. Enjoy Zbigz for free without paying anything.

Free Zbigz Premium Account

Zbigz is the leader when it comes to Torrent Direct Downloading. Zbigz is one of the industry-leading services that is being used by thousands of people all around the globe. There is no file size limit in the Premium version and let’s say that you are downloading a heavy file of 40GB – 100GB. In this context, if you were using some other services then there might be some sort of size limit and you will be required to pay a huge sum of money in order to get the limit upgraded.

Zbigz is an ultimate all in one torrent platform and it has got the ability to play videos using the native media play that is available for all users. If you are about to download a Movie or some sort of video then there is good news for you. You are not at all required to download the whole content to view it. How about watching it online or streaming the media content within Zbigz itself. Well, Zbigz got you covered. Whether it be a Video or Audio file, you can play those files with the Media Player that is available in Zbigz.

Why should you Use Zbigz?

As said earlier, Zbigz helps us to download Files from any Torrent Website through Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other similar Download Managers. There are situations where you cannot use Torrent to download files, but the file is only available on the Torrent website. In this case, we can use any Torrent to IDM Services like Offcloud, Seedr, or Zbigz to get our work done. So, that’s easy.

You are getting $84 worth premium account below in the post. So, go ahead and read the post to understand how to get access to Zbigz Premium with unlimited resources like Unlimited Bandwidth, Storage, Speed, and Priority Support.

Features of Zbigz:

  • Download Torrent Files directly through Download Managers like IDM.
  • Unlimited Download Speed
  • Unlimited Storage for Downloading
  • No Restrictions or Country specific block
  • No Speed Capping
  • No need to wait for Seeders

Interested? Let get into it:

Free Zbigz Premium Account – No Survey in [current_date format=’Y’]

Below, I am sharing two methods to use the Zbigz Premium Account without paying anything. If one method doesn’t get it right for you, you can go forward with the other one in this article.

One is a Direct Link Entry method and the other one is Username and Password method.

Direct Link Entry: In this method, you are only required to click a single link to visit the Premium version of the Zbigz dashboard. That means you are not required to manually enter the Password and Username. Once, you hit the link, wait for the page to load, then continue to launch on Zbigz Premium Account.

Username & Password: In this method, you need to manually enter the Login Credentials like Username and Password on the Zbigz Login Page.

Direct Link Entry

Follow the step by step instructions.

Step 1: First of all, visit the link provided

 Premium Zbigz

Step 2: Once, you land on the page, wait for a 5 seconds and then hit that Skip Ad button.

Step 3: Now you will be taken to another page, this is the page that automatically enters the Username and Password for you.

Step 4: Once you are on the redirection page, Complete the Captcha verification and prove that you are human.

Step 5: Voila! You will be taken to the Premium Zbigz account

Zbigz Premium Account 1

NOTE:- We are using 2 completely different accounts for the 1st and 2nd method. If you add a file through method 1 site and visit the 2nd site to download it, you will not find the file there. 🙂

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Username and Password

This is the Zbigz Premium Account Username and Password method. In this method, you are required to enter the Username and Password manually by all yourself.

Step 1: Head over to the Zbigz Login page

Login to Zbigz

Step 2: Click on the Login/Sign up button

Step 3: Enter the Username and Password from the link below

(For security reasons, I am not openly sharing the Username and Password, Just hit the link below and you will get your Username and Password)

Get Username & Password

This is a Google Drive link, view the .txt file and it has the Username and Password.

Step 4: Once, you download the File, enter the Username and Password in the Zbigz login page.

Step 5: That’s it, you are now on the Zbigz Premium Account Dashboard

Azbigz Premium Account Dashboard

How to Download Files With Zbigz?

Now, you get access to the premium version of Zbigz, Let’s see how to download Files from Zbigz.

  • Go to any Torrent website
  • Search for the file you wanted to download
  • Copy the Magnet download link
  • Go back to Zbigz
  • Paste the Magnet link in the field provided
  • Hit Go button
  • Wait until the file get cached
Download Files From Zbigz
  • Hit the Download button to save it to your computer/Laptop

That’s exactly how we download files from Zbigz for Free.

Zbigz Alternatives

For some reason if you are not able to use premium services offered by Zbigz then don’t worry, you can try some Zbigz Alternatives which will get the job done. Let’s have a look at the best Torrent to IDM Site apart from Zbigz. – This is a popular site which will help us to convert the torrent link into direct download links for free. The free plan of comes with a whopping GB of storage space. So, you can Download Movies, Games, Softwares, etc with the help of Seedr. The best part of Seedr is that you can even generate a download link for your friends from you are account and then, later on, share it with anyone. This way they can download the file as long as that is in your wishlist. I have 4.50GB space in my seedr account after doing a referral, you can also increase your cloud storage space by referring to friends and writing about it on social media. premium account

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on Zbigz Premium Account

Here are some frequently asked questions about Zbigz and various of its applications.

Do we need to install any sort of Extension to use these accounts?

No, you are not required to use any extensions to use the service. You can either use the username and password or use the direct entry method.

Are there any limits?

The accounts mentioned in this article are premium accounts and all of them are having completely unlimited resources like Unlimited Storage, Speed, and Bandwidth.

Can we download multiple files simultaneously?

Zbigz Premium Account Auto Login is the best option to use Zbigz without the use of login credentials like the password or email.

Final Words

So, Guys, I hope you found this article useful for accessing Premium Zbigz account for Free and Also for downloading Files from Zbigz. I have mentioned two different methods for accessing Premium Zbigz account for Free. Now, As said earlier, I have used two different accounts for creating a different account on Zbigz. So I used the first one for the first method and the second Email for the second Account. I told you because, If you add a file through the first method and then try to download that file with the second method, it won’t work at all. That’s all about zbigz premium account free.

This method comes really handy when you wanted to download Torrent Files with IDM or any other similar Download Managers. Now, whenever you want to download a file from Torrent simply use this method and get your hand onto the file much faster and easier. Share this article with your friends and let them know about this trick, too.

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