PUBG Mobile To Get The ‘Arctic Mode’ Tomorrow

pubg mobile gets new arctic mode

The most popular action battle royale mobile game, PUBG Mobile is getting a new ‘Arctic Mode’ starting from tomorrow. This mode brings some exciting changes to the overall gameplay in the Vikendi map. In short, the Arctic Mode is the Winter survival mode in which you need to not only fight with enemies but also keep yourself warm during the entire gameplay.

With the new mode, the game will get a little harder and at the same more exciting as well. As you might already know PUBG has a map called ‘Vikendi’, which is full of snow. Now, the Arctic mode brings extreme snowstorms to the Vikendi Map. So you are required to keep yourself warm to stay alive. Now the game will get harder as you will need to keep your warm and at the same some battle with other players, too.

To keep yourself warm in the game, you can do a couple of things like Create an indoor fire with lighter and burn woods to keep the fire going, Hunt and cook chickens or even use health packs and a new heater.

If you do not warm yourself, after a specific period your health will start to drop. And eventually, you will take more damage. You can do anything mentioned above to keep yourself warm and increase your health or life.

The official announcement was made by the PUBG Mobile official twitter handle.

The new Arctic mode will be live from tomorrow, the 16th of April 2020. You will receive the update and make sure you do it at the earliest. Matchmaking for Arctic mode will only happen with people who have already downloaded the update, so make sure your teammates also update the game as soon as is goes live.

Ajay Varghese
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