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Recently, WhatsApp attained a much greater momentum than before with the ability to get iOS Styled WhatsApp on Android easily. If you are not already aware of RCWhatsApp, RCYOWA is a little modified version of the existing WhatsApp mod, YoWhatsApp. Now, one might wonder what is the difference between both RCYoWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. As mentioned earlier, RCYoWhatsApp is a code edited altered version of YoWhatsApp. YoWhatsApp itself is a great WhatsApp mod with a lot of hand features and settings and Now RCWhatsApp came with even more features.

The first time I heard about RCWhatsApp, I wondered why would people even go with this modded version of WhatsApp when we already have a ton of other mods available on the Internet. After using it myself, I found some interesting options and features that makes it entirely different from any other WhatsApp mods. The primary factor that 50% of people opt to go with RCWhatsApp is because You can use iOS Styled WhatsApp in your Android device.

rcwhatsapp apk

As you all know WhatsApp is having different UI for different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Android WhatsApp is having a combination of Dark Green and White background while iOS WhatsApp is having a purely white background with Blue accents for all elements. Also, the options bar to switch between status tab, calls tab and camera tab is move to the bottom in iOS while it is at the top in Android. To be frank the reason why I chose to use RCWhatsApp is to try its So-called iOS Theme for Android WhatsApp.

Download RCWhatsApp for Android  – 2019

By now, you must also be equally interested to try out the new features available in RCWhatsApp, right? There is a lot of modification happening to RCWhatsApp to make it even better than YoWhatsApp. Once you install and open RCWhatsApp you will see that all the settings page and Themes library looks exactly similar to YOWA. But the key difference here is to use external WhatsApp theme developed just for RCWhatsApp.

I tried downloading the .xml theme file of iOS WhatsApp and installed it on GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp and it didn’t work. Now, I understood that settings have been ported to work like iOS WhatsApp and that is why RCWhatsApp deserves a shoutout.

In this article, you will find a quick link to download the latest version of RCWhatsApp and also the iOS WhatsApp Theme for Android .xml file to install. Once you have both the files with then follow the step by step instructions mentioned below to install RCWhastApp and get that cool looking iOS WhatsApp in your Android device. I have also included a Video tutorial on the same from our official YouTube channel so that you will get better clarity on that.


Name RCWhatsApp
Based on 7.90
Last Updated 09 May 2019
Based on YoWhatsApp Mod
Size >50MB
Paid/Free Free

Download Latest Version of RC WhatsApp

You can use the direct download link to download and save the APK file of RCWhatsApp to your Android device.

   RCWhatsApp Latest Version

How to install RCWhatsApp?

Step 1: First of all, Go to the link given above and then download the APK file

Step 2: Once downloaded, click on the installer and tap on the install button

install rcwhatsapp


Step 3: Wait until it gets installed and once the installation is done, click on Open to quickly launch RCWA.

open rcwhatsapp

Step 4: Tap on “Agree & Continue”.

download rcwhatsapp

Step 5: Type in your Mobile Number and then confirm it

create rcwhatsapp account

Step 6: Verify your Mobile Number with the OTP code sent by WhatsApp

Step 9: Once the OTP verification process is done, Type in a username, Profile Pic, and Good Status. Now, you are done with the installation part of RCWhatsApp.

set name rcwhatsapp setup

And now here comes the pretty big deal. The section that everyone is waiting for Installation of iOS Theme for WhatsApp in Android.

How to get iOS Styled WhatsApp on Android

In this part, we will discuss applying iOS WhatsApp theme on Android to get that iOS WhatsApp styling elements on regular Android WhatsApp. For this, you are required to download a small them file, which is less than 100KB. This is a .xml file and you can download a theme of your choice. The first one that is given below is the regular iOS theme and the other ones are modified iOS Theme for Android with Dark Mode enabled and also slight elements Accents color change variations

iOS Themes for Android WhatsApp:

Pure iOS WhatsApp Theme for Android WhatsApp

iOS Dark Theme

Special Edition GLAX iOS them for RCWhatsApp

  • Before starting you are required to download the .xml file of the theme from the link mentioned above.
  • Once you have the downloaded them file with you then start reading the step by step article.

If you don’t want to read the full article then you can watch the video attached below. It has the detailed step by step instructions to get iOS WhatsApp theme installed in your device. Also, the video will be a little bit easier for starters to follow. Either you can watch the video or follow the step by step given below.

Let’s get started

  • Open RCWhatsApp
  • Click on YoMods
  • Scroll down a little bit and go to Themes Section.
  • Now minimize and open the File Manager and locate the downloaded them file
  • It is a Zip file, now extract it to an easily accessible location
  • Go back to RCWhatsApp and click on the three dots icon and then on YoMods
  • From the settings that appear, select YoThemes

rcwhatsapp settings ios

  • Tap on Load Theme” button to install third party themes that we downloaded.
  • Navigate and find the .xml iOS theme file that we extracted earlier.

install ios them android whatsapp

  • Click OK and it will ask you to restart RCWhatsApp. Just close and open it once again and you will see the fresh new iOS look for your Android WhatsApp.

Now, you will be taken to the home screen of new iOS WhatsApp and this is how the Chat Screen looks like

chat screen ios whatsapp

iOS Styled WhatsApp for Android Chat Screen

Calls Screen

calls section ios styled whatsapp

iOS WhatsApp Settings for Android

yosettings rcwhatsapp


Final Words

Now, there are hundreds of WhatsApp Mod available, each with its unique set of features and settings which makes it different from any other existing modded version. If you are someone like who me who got bored of using the same Android UI of WhatsApp then this is the time for a change. Download and switch to RCYowhatsapp to experience the real iOS WhatsApp on your Android Device. All you want is the APK file of the RCWA installer and .xml file of iOS Theme for WhatsApp Android.

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