How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10/8/7/XP

Yes, you can Recover Deleted Files, no matter what the file is. Be it Video, Audio, Software, etc, we can recover any deleted files or even shift deleted files with the help of some recovery tools. We accidentally delete files from our Computer/Laptop and Smartphone, so, do that mean We lost that file forever, Absolutely No! That’s exactly where Data Recovery Softwares comes to rescue us.

Data Recovery Software is a simple software that does complex duty for us. Almost 99.9% of deleted files can be recovered with major Data Recovery software. If you delete some important files on your Harddisk or computer, you directly go to any Shop and recover files by paying them a lot of money. But, have you ever wondered what they are doing? Did you know that what they do is the same as what we can do with a simple software in our Computer also? If not, today in this article you will find How To Recover Deleted Files with free software. You are not required to pay anything in order to download or use that software, but if you want to get the pro version then you have to pay a little to obtain the License.. Once you have the license key, The software will be more efficient and can recover almost all deleted files, No matter what the size is.

Recover Deleted Files

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Deleted Files will be somewhere on the hard disk itself. Deletion means moving a file from one place to another location. So, there are chances of recovering those files back. If you are one among them, trying to restore or recover deleted files then this article is for you. It’s quite usual that we accidentally delete files or even Data can be removed from our Computer/Smartphone by some type virus as well. Whatever be the method by which you lost the file, Data recovery software can help you to restore them back.

So, now you are curious to know How to Recover Deleted Files from your computer, hard disk, sd card, pen drive or from anywhere. When you simply delete any file on your computer, it won’t get actually deleted, all that happens is just move the file from the actual location to another location Name Recycle Bin. Actually, it’s just a Cut Paste method. Again, If you delete that file from Recycle Bin or shift delete the file directly, then it actually gets deleted from your device. So, if you simply clicked the delete button, then you can anytime restore it from the Recycle Bin and if you deleted the file from Recycle Bin or shift deleted the file then follow the below-given guide and see How to Recover Deleted Files.

How To Recover Deleted Files

This is a simple guide that anyone can follow, follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below and recover deleted files all by yourself. No need to go to any shop for recovering deleted files or so.

Recover Shift Deleted Files From PC with Recuva

Step 1: Firstly, we need to download software that let us to Recover Deleted Files. Download the free software called Recuva from the link given below.

   Download Recuva

Step 2: Once you download the software Install and Open it.

Step 3: Once you open the Recuva software, you will see a window like this.

Step 4: Check on Enable Deep Scan button and click Next.

Recover Deleted Files with Recuva

Step 5: Now a new window will appear, on it, Check on All Files and Click Next again.

Recover Shift Deleted Files

Step 6: Now, A new window will appear with some options, this is one part you should concentrate more. Because here you want to mention the place where Recuva should scan and Restore files for you.

You will be having a lot of options on this window, if you select the exact location where you delete the file then you can recover it quickly, instead if you select to search for an entire computer, then it will be drastically slow. If you are not sure from the file is deleted, then click on I am not sure button.

Step 7: Select the exact location where you deleted the file from and click next.

Select the Location Of File To Recover

Now, it will start to scan the place you mentioned for all deleted files.

Wait for it to complete scanning

Step 8: Once the scanning process is completed, some options along with a list will appear.

Recover Shift Deleted Files

Step 9: Now, you will see a whole bunch of list of Deleted Files, next search for the file you are looking for.

Step 10: Once you found the deleted file that you are looking for, simply hit that Recover button. You can recover any file, whether it be video, audio, installer packages, images, etc it doesn’t matter. Recuva is free software and you are not required to pay anything in order t use it.

Now, Recuva software will recover that specific file you mentioned.

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You can save it anywhere on your computer and use it like what you did earlier.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery is a powerful professional Data Recovery tool that can be used to Recover Shirt deleted or permanently deleted file with ease. EaseUS Data Recovery is available for Windows and Mac. If you are having an Apple computer then you can use the same software there, too. But, in this section, let’s see how to recover deleted files with EaseUS in Windows.

  • Download the latest version of EaseUS Data Recovery
  • Once installed, quickly open it up
  • At first, it will ask you to select a location from where you want to recover files. To make the recovery process faster, you can select a specific partition or Removable disk so that the software will only search on the specified drive.
  • Hit the Scan button and wait until it finds the files. The process will be fairly long because it is a recovery process. The time taken depends on the number of files and folders that were written and removed from the same drive.
  • After the process is done, it will show you a list of different files and folders well categorized. All you have to do is now search for the files or folder that you are looking to recover.

recover permanently deleted files

  • Select the file you want to recover and then click on the Recover button
  • Select the location to which you want to save the file

browse to save the recovered file

  • And Now the file should be there in the newly specified location.

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So, that’s it we have successfully Recovered deleted files.

Final Words

This is the most simple yet free software available for recovering almost all deleted files. There are thousands of Data Recovery Software available on the Internet, they are both paid and free. Recuva is one such Free Data Recovery software that enables us to Recover Deleted files instantly. Recuva is having both Paid as well as Free plan, if you want premium features and support, then you need to purchase a pro license, if you are a simple user who wants to only restore some files, then Free version will be enough for you.

Next onwards, When you accidentally delete any file from your Computer/Laptop, don’t worry, Data Recovery software is always with you. If you tried to recover the files and if you didn’t succeed in it and that file is so important for you, then you can go to any Shop for recovering because they can restore almost any file, They will be having the Premium Version of the Data Recovery Software.

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