Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Your Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10 PC/Laptop

Did you accidentally deleted an important file from your computer ? If yes Stop crying thinking about  that.Today in this article i will guide you through how to recover permanently deleted files from your Windows XP/7/8/8.1 and 10 PCs.

Have you accidentally deleted an important file from your Windows PC/Laptop,And also cleared that file from Recycle Bin or Deleted that file using “SHIFT+DELETE” function.Don’t worry well actually we can do recover this files back to our computer or Laptop in less than 15 Minute.

Now your task is to carefully read this article and go through the steps i mentioned.We can recover files that are deleted using “SHIFT+DELETE” and Files that are cleared from Recycle Bin.

How To Recover Deleted Files ?

Before going in, We need a recovery software in order to perform this task, So download the “Recuva” software from the link given below.
1. Download the software 

                                                  DOWNLOAD “Recuva”

                                            (Download link is from publisher’s website itself)
2. Now install the application
3. Once installed open the Recuva Application from the shortcut in the Desktop
4. Now you will see a window like one below, Now tap on Deep Scan option and click on Next
5. On the next screen you want to select which file you want to recover like Video, Audio, Executable file and so on.In case you want to recover more than two or three types of file then simple click on All Files option and click Next
6. Now in this windows you want to mention the location were Recuva want to search for the files.If you don’t know from were the file is deleted,then select I’m not Sure option.
(Selecting the exact location, Can do recover your files faster and if you choose I’m not sure option then it will take some more time to complete recovering your files)
7.  In this windows click next
8. Now Recuva will start to find the files you deleted from various location in your Windows PC/Laptop.
Wait the scanning to be complete
9. Once scanning is complete, a windows will open showing the files recovered.Now save the file which you want and delete the unused ones.
Yeah that’s it we have recovered some deleted file from our computer.Don’t make sure that it is always possible to recover deleted files.There are also chances when software’s are not possible to recover files.
It’s always better to keep Backup of important files on any removable medias like Pen Drive or DVD.
I hope this article really helped you.
Now share your experience during the recovery process or your feedback below in the comment section we will catch you at the soonest.
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