How to Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog to Another Blog or Website

There are Situations where you want to redirect your whole blog to another Blog, Website or to a URL.There are similar options in Blogger to redirect a URL to another URL within the Blog.But using that technique we can’t actually redirect our Homepage to any other Blog, Website or External Links.Today in this Article I’m sharing a simple Technique to redirect your Blogger Blog’s homepage to another Blog, Website or even to an External Link.

This tutorial will be very useful if you want to redirect your old blog to a new one.Almost all Blogger users will move to Self Hosted WotrdPress Platform after using it for some time.In this situation getting traffic to your new blog is bit tough task.So, you can redirect your Old blog to your New blog.In this way you will not lose your traffic to your old blog and the new blog will get same traffic as what your old blog got.

How to Redirect Blogger Blog  to another Blog, Website or URL

For this tutorial, I’m going to share 3 Different Codes to redirect your blogger blog, each code does different tasks
Using this codes, you can redirect your blog’s homepage, post, page, category, archives and all other URLs to a new Domain.This trick will be very handy if you just moved to a new Domain.

For doing this, We are going to make a simple tweak to our whole Template file.So, it is recommended to take a backup of your template before editing it.
1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard and click on the particular blog you want to add a custom redirect.
2. Go to Template and click on edit HTML.
3. Now click somewhere inside the template editor and press CTRL + F to launch Search Box.
4. Now type <head> in the Search box and find it.
5. Now type the below given code just below the <head> tag.

<script type='text/javascript'>

  var d='<data:blog.url/>';

  d=d.replace(/.*//[^/]*/, '');

  location.href = '';

From the above Code, Replace with your  Destination URL where you want to redirect your whole site.Now every page will be redirected to the Destination URL.

Now, Whats if you only want to redirect a particular URL, If you don’t want the whole blog to be redirected, but only a single page, Then below Code will help you.

if(window.location.href == 'http:// ')
6. Now change to the URL to be redirected and to the destination URL.

After saving this, Your BlogSpot URL will redirect tothe URL you Specified.

Next, With the below given code, you can actually redirect all pages in your blog to another URL.This code works with some time settings, So, When a new visitor visits your blog, it will automatically redirect to another URL after the time your specify in the code.

<meta content='5;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

7. Copy and paste the code below <head> tag, and change to your destination URL and 5 to whatever time you like.
That’s it, Hope this Article helped you in showing, How to redirect your Blogspot blog to a new blog, Website or to a URL.

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