How to Reduce PUBG Mobile Ping/+Lag – [Working Methods]

If you are experiencing High Ping in PUBG or PUBG Lag then you can follow the methods given below and permanently decrease PUBG Ping to get a smoother gameplay.

It’s really annoying to see high ping in PUBG while playing a match. Especially, a higher ping rate in the last circle or zone makes us lose the match Even if you play well, if the ping is so high then the server lag between your device and PUBG service will be too high and your actions won’t be registered on their end.

fix pubg ping issues

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Ping can be called the response time and for a smoother and better gaming experience the ping should be lass than 100 and if you want to get the best experience then you need to get a ping rate of 30 or below. The ping rate that I was getting was 550-990 and I wondered what in the earth is even going on. My cousin’s brother is playing the same PUBG with a ping of 22ms. Finally, I did some research and found some interesting ways that will help us to decrease the PUBG Ping issue and get a permanent fix for it. After applying the trick, my Ping now is below 30 and the game is super responsive, too.

Best Methods to Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile [year]

I will be sharing multiple methods that will help you to reduce PUBG Mobile ping. You can go through the methods one by one and apply one or all of them. Once you have applied the tricks, I am pretty sure that the ping rate will be down by at least 30% for sure. Some device-specific features are also discussed in this article, so see if your device is listed for a device-specific feature or not.

Disable Background App Syncing

If some apps are using too much Internet or data in the background then it can affect the Internet speed and ping in PUBG. So, in this method, we will manually disable sync for some apps that use more Internet all time. This can be easily done in Android and see how.

  • Open device settings
  • Go to Installed Apps section and select an app that you think is using way more Internet than needed and making your PUBG Gameplay laggy
  • Scroll download and find an option called Background Data. this is the option that will allow an app to use the Internet in the background even while the app is not opened at all
  • Turn it Off, and you are all good to go.
decrease pubg mobile lag

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Using Mobile Gaming Ping App

This is an app that will help us to reduce PUBG Ping or higher pings on pretty much any online games. It’s pretty simple and easy to use this app.

  • Download Mobile Gaming Ping from the Google Play Store
  • Install and Open the up
  • Just enable the option to decrease the Ping rate
reduce pubg ping
  • Now, try playing PUBG and see how the ping rate is now


Pubg GFX Tool is a popular app among mobile gamers. This app will help us to increase the performance of the game and increase the graphics and other settings easily. With proper configuration on the app, we can even reduce the ping in PUBG easily.

  • Download the GFX tool from Play Store
  • Open the app and set the parameters like Resolution to 720p or less, Turn of Shadows, Lights and Special effects, set rendering quality to medium or low, and increase GPU level optimization to make maximum use of GPU
decrease pubg mobile ping
  • Once you have set all these parameters to the required settings, just save and quit the app
  • Open PUBG and start a match. Now see if the latency has decreased or not. If you want to experience low latency gaming on games like Pubg then the Gfx tool is heaven for you.

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Use VPNs to fix PUBG Ping Issue

If a particular server has a heavy load of users then you might experience higher ping rates and lag in PUBG. In this sort of situation, all we can do is connect to a different PUBG server and the best method to do so is using a VPN. You can use some free VPN Apps for Android or iOS to connect to some other server and reduce Lag in PUBG.

  • Download any Free VPN app from the play store. I personally use Turbo VPN as it is 100% free and does the job really well. The free version of Turbo VPN has about 8 different Free servers to connect, which will be sufficient enough for us
  • Open the VPN app and connect to some other country’s server
use vpn to reduce pubg mobile ping
  • Now, open PUBG and this time it will connect to another server from another country than yours. This way the heavy load of users can be managed and you will experience little or no lag at all.

Use Pinger V2 to Decrease Ping in PUBG

Pinger V2 is yet another Android App that will help us to reduce the ping and get good gameplay results. This is a lightweight Android app that is available in the Google Play Store and let’s see how to configure it.

  • Download Pinger V2
  • Install and open the app
  • The opening up app, you will see a number of the different scripts, just select a script
  • Now, press the ON button and just minimize the app (Do not quite)
pinger v2 to decrease pubg ping
  • Open PUBG while keeping the Pinger V2 app opened in the background and this should fix the high Ping issue in PUBG Mobile.

Get close to your WiFi Modem

Your Internet speed and frequency play a major role in getting the best ping rated in online games. If the distance between your smartphone and the WiFi router is too high then you might experience some issues with higher ping values.

In this situation, all that you can do is get closer to your WiFi Modem where there are no obstructions at all. This way the traffic transmission can be more speedful and there will be little or no delay at all. And this way you can possibly decrease Pubg ping, too.

If you are using Mobile Data to play PUBG then try moving around different locations within your house and see where you are getting the best signal strength in dB values. Play the game from that position and you will experience even better gameplay and smooth ms response times.

Final Words

These are some working workarounds to reduce PUBG Mobile ping in your device. Mostly this happens due to poor or speedless Internet Connection. But, for many people, even with higher Internet Speed they are getting a higher ping. If this is the case for you then try some methods given above and hopefully it will solve all the issues related to PUBG Mobile Ping and you can get a much better gameplay experience.

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