How To Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer On Any Android Device?

Reliance Jio is trending everywhere on the Internet  and Social Media because of the Preview offer introduced by them. With Jio Preview offer you get Unlimited FREE 4G Internet, Calls and SMSs for 3 Months(90 Days) on LYF and selected Samsung Smartphones.

Reliance Jio is one of the most trending topics on the Internet and today in this post I will share all the details about grabbing a Jio SIM yourself.Recently, Many people succeed in getting Jio SIM.But still, there are thousands of people who are dying for getting a Jio SIM.

As per their terms, Jio SIM is not available for all. You need an LYF or Samsung Smartphone in order to use their preview offer.

So, for this reason, I’m writing this Article to show you guys How you can grab a Jio sim for any Android Device.Don’t worry if you don’t have an LYF or Samsung Smartphone, Below given unofficial and official Trick will help you.

UPDATE: Now Jio Preview Offer is available on selected LG Smartphones, See the list below.

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Everything written in this Article is for just Educational and Informational purpose only.I will not take any responsibility whether if you get a Jio SIM or not.Do it yourself and anything goes wrong it’s completely up to you.

What is Reliance Jio Preview Offer?

As per Jio, LYF smartphone users and selected Samsung Galaxy smartphone users will get an Unlimited 4G Data, Call, and Sms pack FREE or 3 Months or 90 Days as a gift for using their service before it’s official launch.
This offer will be only available for LYF Smartphone users and selected Samsung Galaxy models.
Following handsets of Samsung are selected for Jio provide Offer:

List of Phones:

All LYF Smartphones are eligible for this Offer.

Selected Samsung Smartphones:

  • A8 VE,
  • Galaxy A3,
  • Galaxy A5,
  • Galaxy A5 2016,
  • Galaxy A5 Duos,
  • Galaxy A7,
  • Galaxy A7 2016,
  • Galaxy A8,
  • Galaxy Alpha,
  • Galaxy Core Prime,
  • Galaxy Grand Max,
  • Galaxy J max,
  • Galaxy J1 Ace,
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace,
  • Galaxy J2,
  • Galaxy J2 (2016),
  • Galaxy J2 Pro,
  • Galaxy J3,
  • Galaxy J5,
  • Galaxy J5 (2016),
  • Galaxy J7,
  • Galaxy J7 (2016),
  • Galaxy K Zoom,
  • Galaxy Note 3,
  • Galaxy Note 4,
  • Galaxy Note 5,
  • Galaxy Note 5 Duos,
  • Galaxy Note 7,
  • Galaxy Note Edge,
  • Galaxy S 5 Plus,
  • Galaxy S4,
  • GALAXY S4 4G,
  • Galaxy S4,
  • Galaxy S5 Neo,
  • Galaxy S6,
  • Galaxy S6 Edge,
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,
  • Galaxy S7,
  • Galaxy S7 Edge,
  • Grand Prime,
  • ON5,
  • ON5 Pro,
  • ON7
  • ON7 Pro
LG Smartphones:
  • K332 (K7 LTE),
  • K520DY (Stylus 2),
  • K520DY, H860 (LG G5),
  • K500I (X Screen),
  • K535D (Stylus 2 Plus),
  • LGH630D (G4 Stylus 4G)
  • LGH 442 (LGC70 Spirit LTE)
Except those selected smartphones, no other handsets officially support Jio Preview Offer.
Don’t worry if your Smartphone is not listed in the above list. I will also share an Unofficial method for getting Jio Preview Offer on any 4G enabled Android Smartphones.

How to get Reliance Jio Preview Offer?

Step 1. Generating Barcode:

Official Method:

If you have any officially supported handset with you then, you can follow these steps and grab your Jio SIM. If you don’t have one with you then, try Unofficial method.
Download MyJio App from Google Play Store
Open the App and you will see a list of many Apps, Click on MyJio App from that,
Now on this screen you will see three options: Sign Up, Sign In and Get Jio Sim.
Click on Get Jio Sim option.
Follow the on-screen instructions and it will generate a Barcode for you.
Now take a Screenshot of the Barcode.
Now skip the Unofficial method and jump to step 2 below.

Unofficial Method:

If you don’t have any officially supported Android Device with you then, Follow the below-given steps.
This method is for educational purpose only, Do it under your Risk
Once you open the app you will see a list of Apps, Click on Install All and Install one by one.
Now Turn Off the Internet.
Open MyJio App
From the list appeared, select MyJio App
Now on the app you will see three options: Sign Up, Sign In and Get Jio Sim.
Click on Get Jio Sim option from there.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Now take a snapshot of the BarCode.
Now you are all done and jump to Step 2.

Step 1. Submit your Documents:

This step is same as both official and unofficial method.
Take a print out of the Barcode screenshot.
Now take Photocopy of any Official document like:
  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
Be sure to take any 2 documents with you along with 2 Passport Photographs.
Now search and find nearest Jio showroom from MyJio App or visit any Reliance Digital or Xpress Mini Store.

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Unofficial method users make a list of all nearby Jio Store.(We may need it)

Step 3. Getting your Reliance Jio Sim from the Store:

Official Method:

Visit your nearest Jio store.
Just take your Handset with you and show them the Official Documents.
Rest of the instructions will be provided by them.
Once you have grabbed your Jio Sim, Jump to Step 4

Unofficial Method:

Everything written in this step is just for educational purpose only.Actually by using this trick you are cheating Reliance.So I won’t recommend anyone to do this. Try this at your own risk 🙁
Visit your nearest Jio Store.
Give them the documents along with the Barcode and ask for the Sim.
If in any case, they ask which phone you own, tell the name of any officially supported handset.(For example Galaxy A8) 
(If your friends own any of the supported devices you can just take it with you.)
If they ask you to show the phone, tell them that it’s not with you.
Make them believe that you own a supported phone by telling something.
Now if they ask for a Phone bill or IMEI Number. Immediately go to another Jio Store and repeat the above-mentioned trick.
Now jump to Step 4 once you have got your Jio Sim
Be sure to give real documents instead of fake one. If they detect it is fake they may block your Sim.

Step 4. Activate Jio Sim:

Now the final step is to Activate your Jio Sim.
Open MyJio app and install any one the app from the list, Ignore this if you already downloaded any app.
Now wait for the Televerification SMS that you will get on the secondary number which you gave on the Jio Store.
Once you receive the SMS it will say that your Sim is activated and is ready to use.It may take up to 48 Hours for Tele-verification process.
Now insert the Sim onto your Phone and Start using Unlimited Preview Offers from Jio.
[You can only activate your Jio Sim by inserting it on the Handset you used for generating Barcode, After the activation process you can use it on any other 4G enabled device.]

Final Words

Hope you guys find this trick useful.
This trick is just for educational purpose only, I won’t recommend anyone to do this trick as it is like cheating reliance. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with this trick.
Now Do share this article with your Friends and let they know about this trick
Comment down below if have any questions or doubts, I will be definitely helping you.

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