How To Root Android Without Computer PC In 1 Minute

Today you will find How to Root Android Without Computer. Any Android device can be rooted in many methods. You can either Root your Android Device with Computer/Laptop or without Computer. There is some handy Android Application that does the job for us in less than a minute. FramaRoot, KingoRoot are quite a few examples of Apps that let us root our Android Device. Earlier, We were required to have a PC/Laptop in order to Root Android. But, now things have changed a lot. Lots of Apps are available on the Internet which enables to Root our Android Device in less than a minute, and yes, you heard it right. But, most of them are not available in the Google Play Store. Rooting Android through a Computer is a tough task. Or if you guys are not having a Laptop or PC, then below-mentioned methods really help you a lot.

Everyone is really afraid of Rooting their Android Device. (Do it at your own risk). I have rooted a couple of Devices and none of them failed. I have heard that when someone tried to Root Android with Computer, they faced some problem with Bricking and stuff like that. Now, things are pretty much simple with One Touch root applications mentioned above. These Android Apps let us to Root our Android Device with just a Tap in less than a minute. As mentioned earlier, We do not need any PC/Laptop for this tutorial. All we want is any of the App mentioned below. So, Let’s see How to Root Android without Computer in less than a minute.

Root Android Without Computer

Warning: Do the below-given tutorials at your own risk. We do not compel anyone to Root their Android Device. Rooting so will end up with Breaking Manufacturer Warranty and Software or Hardware-wise Protection that the Device has. Warranty will be void if you do so. If any problem occurs due to Rooting, to your Smartphone we will not hold any responsibility. So, Again, Do it under your own responsibility.

What is Rooting and Why?

The root is a SU Binary (Folder) that will be there in every Android Device. By default, the Mobile Manufacturer will disable access to the Root part of any Mobile Device. But, certain Apps requires Root Access in order to Install and Run. In such situations, we should Root our Android device to use such kind of Applications. Rooting allows us to access and make a modification to the hidden files and Core files of any Android Device. Root Access means No restriction to access the Root folder of any Phone. With Root access, you can make changes to the core files of Android OS Files Systema do add some additional functionalities to your Android Device.

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By Rooting your Android Device you gain superuser access to your smartphone or Android device and you can customize it according to your needs. Once the rooting process is completed, you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer may have applied. And also you can perform various tasks like Installing Custom ROMs, You can do overclock or underclock your device’s processor as well. We can Root Android With a computer and Root Android Without Computer. Today, In this tutorial we are following, Root Android Without Computer tutorial.

Root Android Without Computer

Below, I am sharing some of the top Working methods to Root your Android Device without any problem.

Reasons Why You Need To Root Android:

  • Rooting Android will make the Restriction fly in the air. No more restriction to your Phone, once you Root it. By Default, Manufacturer may have applied some Restriction to access root file of the Device. Rooting will enable you to access it anytime and make modifications.
  • Rooting helps us to Install Apps that need Root Access, Every Android App cannot run in non- Rooted Android device. So, Rooting will helps us to run Android Apps which requires Root Access.
  • You can easily install any third party Custom ROMs, Easily flash your device and what not?
  • You can remove the existing Bootware, Change the default Boot Animation and Install Custom Boot Animation packs.

Reasons Why Should Not Root Android:

  • As stated earlier, Rooting your Device will completely Break device’s Manufacturer Warranty (If any)
  • If your Smartphone gets damaged or is malfunctioning, you should pay for repairing it, as you have rooted it.
  • By Rooting, You cannot run some Android Application that is ultimately secure like Google Wallet and any other UPI/Banking Android Apps. (Security is the number one priority)

So, I have discussed the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting an Android Device.

Now, it’s your turn to decide whether to Root your Device or not. If you decide to Root your Device, then Continue Reading…

Make your Phone ready for Rooting

  • Backup all your important contents like Contact and any other Stuff in Phone Storage.
  • Working Internet Connection to download Apps required for Rooting OR you can download it from another device and transfer it to the device to be rooted as well.
  • Make sure that your phone has a sufficient amount of Power, at least 50% – 60% Battery Charge

Hope you guys have all the requirements mentioned above, Let’s get into it.

How to Root Android Without Computer/PC – 1 Minute Guide

I am sharing several methods below, Read every method and opt for one that you find most easy and proceed further.

1. Root With Kingoroot – One Touch Root App

Learn How to Root almost any Android Device with One Touch Root App named Kingoroot. Rooting made easy with Kingoroot. This method will let us root Android Without Computer.

  • Download the Latest version of Kingoroot APK from the link below


  • Install it on your device which is to be rooted.
  • Open it.
  • Click on the One Click Root button.

Root Android With Kingoroot

  • Now, the Rooting process will start instantly
  • Wait for it to complete

Kingoroot Android Rooting

  • Now, it will show a success message.

Android Rooted Successfully with Kingoroot

Voila! Your Phone is now Rooted. We have successfully rooted Android without a computer.

Check the Root Access with Root Checker

This is how we can Root our Android phone with One Click Root Application Kingoroot Apk.

2. Kingroot Rooting Method – Kingroot APK

Before going in, Don’t get confused. You might think the method 1 and 2 are the same but, actually, it’s not. We used an App called Kingoroot in Method 1 and we are going to use Kingroot in method 2. Yeah, similar Names! This, Again, is a Root Android Without Computer tutorial

  • Download the kingroot Apk from the link below.


  • Install and open the app.
  • Once open, it will scan for root access. Now you will get a Message telling “Root Access Unavailable”
  • Tap on Try To Root button.
  • Now the Rooting process will start.
  • Wait for it to complete.
  • Now your device will be rooted successfully.

Video Tutorial:

That’s it, you have rooted your device successfully.

Check the Root Access with Root Checker

3. Framaroot – Root Android Without Computer

  • Firstly, Download FramRoot Latest Updated APK From the Link below (Don’t worry, Updated regularly)

   FramaRoot APK * Latest

  • Install it on your Android device which is to be Rooted. (If a security warning pop, simply Go to Settings > Security and Enable Unknown Sources)
  • Once installed, Open it.
  • Open it up and tap on “Install Superuser” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose any exploits.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • You will get a message “Success, SU binary, and superuser installed, You have to reboot your device.”
  • Reboot your Phone and voila you have successfully Rooted your Android device without a computer

If you want to Unroot your device, then simply click on the Unroot option from the Dropdown and your phone will Unrooted.

Root Android using Framaroot

Root Android with Framaroot

Check the Root Access with Root Checker

This is how you can Root Android with Framaroot Apk. We Root Android Without Computer or Laptop/PC.

4. Root With VRoot – One Touch Root APK

  • Download the VRoot App APK from the link below


  • Install it on your device which is to be rooted. (If you get Unknown source Warning, Go to Settings > Security and Enable Unknown Sources)
  • Open it up.
  • Now, you can Root your Android device with Vroot

Voila! You have successfully Rooted Android Without Computer or PC/Laptop.

5. Universal Root App – Root Android Without Computer PC

  • Download Universal Root APK from the link below

   Universal Root App

  • Install it
  • Open the App
  • Now from the drop-down, choose the version of Android Which your phone is running
  • Click on the Root Button

Your Phone will be Rooted Instantly

6. Root Android with iRoot

iRoot for Android is yet another one-click root application for Android. You can easily root your device in a matter of a click. iRoot have both Android as well as Windows version, in case if you have access to a computer.


All you have to do is just tap on the Blue root button and wait for some time. It might take a little while depending on the device that you are using. Millions of devices are already rooted with iRoot and are one among the popular Root Apps for Android. The app will be in Chinese, don’t click on anything, simply tap on the “Root” button only and you are good to go.

You can download the APK file of iRoot from the official website given below. And no, This app is not available on the Google Play Store.


Root Master

Root Master lets you root your device without a computer or any other related accessories. Unlike any other one-touch rooting applications, Root Master is also similar to them with similar set of features and options. The user interface of the app is really good without any ads or adware. Upon opening, you will be presented with a big circle Start button, if you are ready then simply click on the button and rooting process will start in no time.

root master

Root Master

You can download the app from the link given below as it is not ther on the play store.

What To Do After Rooting?

The real game only starts once you successfully Root your Android Device. Rooting is just the way to enter your Dream World, actual Game starts after that.

There are a variety of things you can do with your Android Device after Rooting. Let’s see what are they

  What To Do After Rooting

Check Whether your Phone Is Rooted or Not?

After Rooting, to make sure that the device has rooted, simply follow the below-given method.

  • Simply, download the Root Checker App from Google Play Store

   Root Checker

  • Install it and Open the App
  • It will show whether your phone is rooted or not, That’s it

Final Words

Hope you guys found this article useful and Rooted your Android Device. Now click on the above button and Read What To Do After Rooting article to know what else you can do with your Android Phone after rooting.

I have mentioned working 5+ tricks above. You can use any one of them to Root your device. Always remember about the Warranty issue of your Phone after rooting. Rooting your Phone will void the Warranty and you will not get any Free assistance in case you get into some problem. It will be great to Root phones which Warranty is finished, due to security risk.

Comment down below, your suggestions and doubts about this article.

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