How To Run 2 WhatsApp, FB, Messenger, etc in a Single Android Phone – No Root

Do you want to use 2 WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or any other Apps/Games in a Single Android Phone without Root Access? If yes, then this article is for you.
Today, in this Article you will find, How to run same Android App with two different Accounts in a single phone.

Using this Trick you can run 2 WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or any other Apps in your Android Smartphone.The best part about this trick is that it does not require any Root Access.So you can try  this trick without any Root Access.

We are going to use an Android App called Parallel Space for this Trick.This is a Free Android App that let you run 2 same Apps in a single phone without Root.Parallel Space is available in Play Store and is completely FREE.You can download Parallel Space App from the Link given below.

Download Links:.

Download Parallel Space > Play Store Link

How to Use Parallel Space:

1. Download Parallel Space Android App from the Link provided above.
2. Once Downloaded, Install it.
3. Now open the App.
Keep in Mind: Make sure that you have already installed the particular app you want to Clone on your Phone.For example, If you want to Use 2 WhatsApp or Facebook Account then you must install WhatsApp or Facebook in your Phone before Opening Parallel Space.(We are doing this because Parallel Space App is just cloning the existing Installed App and not downloading or installing it from any other source)
4. Now you will see a “Two Box” icon, click on it.

5. Now it will show all the Apps that are installed on your Phone.
6. Click on any App like WhatsApp or Facebook you want to clone.
7. Once you have clicked on the App it will be automatically cloned.
8. Now you will see the icon of the particular app you cloned.
9. Click on it to open the App.

10. Now Use the App as the way you want.
Next onwards, whenever you want to Open the second App, Just open the Parallel Space application and click on the specific app you want to try.
You can also control the Notification Settings and Keep Pattern Lock for all the Apps in Parallel Space by going to settings by click on the three Dot icon at the top left corner(…) of the App.
Hope you guys find this Awesome trick useful.Do share this article with your friends and be sure to Comment your Feedbacks and doubts below in the Comment section.

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