Samsung Galaxy Note 20 To Come with 60Hz and Note20+ with 120Hz Refresh Rate Displays

samsung galaxy note20+ to-come-with 120hz and note20 with 60hz

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note20+ is rumored to arrive with a 120Hz refresh rate screen while the Galaxy Note20’s refresh rate will be capped to just 60Hz only.

Earlier it was suggested that both the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20+ would feature a 120Hz panel but a new rumor tells us that only the Note 20+ will have a 120Hz refresh rate.

As per CEO of Display Supply Chain consultants, Ross Young, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will come with support for 120Hz refresh rate and feature “LTPO” (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) backplane technology. He also further confirmed that the Galaxy Note 20 will not have either of these two features. So, Note 20, on the other hand, is expected to arrive with standard 60Hz refresh rate display and no LTPO technology.

In an earlier tweet, Ross Young first told that both the Galaxy Note20 and Note20+ would come with a 120Hz refresh rate display panel and support LTPO technology. Later after some time, he made another tweet stating that the base model Galaxy Note 20 will not have both these features.

As per him, this is done to reduce the price of the smartphone. His earlier tweet also hints some specifications of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+. According to him, Note 20 will have a 6.42-inch display at 2345 x 1082 resolution with 404-pixel density. And the top-end variant, Note 20+ will have a 6.87-inch display with 497-pixel density.

Higher refresh rate display is the new trend and everyone expects a flagship smartphone to come with at least 90Hz refresh rate.

So, one thing is sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be a lot cheaper as is misses out some flagship-level features available on its top-end variant. It also expected there might be a big price difference between both these models if the rumors are to be believed. As always, it is not an official confirmation so take it with a pinch of salt.

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