Samsung is Working on a 1-Inch 150MP NONACELL Camera Sensors

samsung 150mp nanocell sensor

Samsung is a known brand of making smartphone internals like the Display, different silicon chips, and Camera Sensors. A few months back Samsung had launched the first 108MP camera sensor which was earlier used in the Mi Note 10 and in the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 as well.

Now the company is making a new 150MP NONACELL camera sensor for smartphones. Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX was first used in the Xiaomi MI Note 10 and later on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The new sensor that the company is working on is 1 inch in size with a sensor of 150MP.

Samsung’s new NONACELL technology is used in the upcoming 150MP Sensor. In the 108MP sensor from Samsung, we get 4 individual pixels in every single pixel but with the 150MP sensor, we get nine individual pixels in every pixel, all thanks to the new NONACELL technology. This means the sensor can intake much more light and create a higher resolution picture with maximum quality.

The 108MP sensor can produce a 12MP picture while the new 150MP sensor can capture 16MP pictures.

It is still not clear which is the first device to feature this particular sensor on board. According to the rumours, it is highly likely that the new 150MP NONACELL sensor will be featured on an upcoming Xiaomi device. Following this,  the next flagship model from Samsung might also feature the same 150MP NONACELL sensor

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