Samsung’s New Galaxy Buds with Beans-Like Design Leaked

galaxy beans earbuds all colors 3d renders
Source: Winfuture

New 3D renders leaked online shows an entirely new and unique design for the next-gen Samsung Galaxy earbuds. Samsung has already launched two wireless earbuds this year. The new design looks entirely different from the current versions like the Galaxy Buds+ and AKG N400.

3D renders of the new Galaxy Bud has been shared by Winfuture and Roland Quandt. Leaked renders show a Beans-like design which is something we have never seen before. The 3D renders were published on the official Twitter handle of Roland Quandt. It shows the new beans-like design.

From first glance, it looks like both beans and kidneys. From the 3D render, we could not find any silicone earbuds meaning which there won’t be Active Noise Cancellation which is a very important feature for any Earbuds out there.

new samsung galaxy beans earbuds

As per Roland Quandt, these renders are made from the actual 3D design data itself. As there are no official confirmations yet, take it with a pinch of salt. As per the reports, the beans shaped Wireless earbud are going through the Engineering Validation Test phase for the design. This means the design might change when it comes to the final version of the product. The fully finished Galaxy Earbuds with the Beans-like design will be likely launched with the Galaxy Note 20 series, which is also a few months away.

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