Secret Trick to Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger


Hi there, Have you ever thought you can do much more than Chatting in Facebook Messenger App?Today we are back again with a New Facebook Messenger App Trick, which will help you to play the Basketball game on Facebook Messenger App.

Facebook is trying to make their Messenger app more Interactive day by day, The new feature introduced by them is the Basketball Game inside the Facebook Messenger App.

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Along with Basketball game, we can also play Chess in Facebook Messenger App!

Basketball Game Inside Facebook Messenger:

You can play this awesome game with one of your Friend or with a Group of friends by playing it in a Facebook Group.

You and your friend can Compete with each other by setting New High Score and Breaking it.
Note this Basketball game is only Available on Facebook Messenger App, and this feature will not be available in Web Version.

How to Open the Basketball Game on Messenger?

Finally, Here is the simple method to start the Basketball Game in your Facebook Messenger App.
Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger App on your Phone.
Step 2: Click on the Chat with you want to play the game.
Step 3:  Now click on the Emoji icon.
Step 4: Go to the third emoji tab, marked by an Alarm symbol.
Step 5: Now click on the Basketball emoji icon and send it to your friend.


Step 6: Now click on the Basketball emoji icon, That you have sent now.
Hurray, Now the Basketball Game start.You can see a Basketball and Hoop on your screen and you can start playing the game with that.


How To Play The Game?

  • All you want to do is, simply click on the Basketball and just swipe it towards the Basket.
  • For every successful shot, you will get 1 Point.
  • After you have 10 Point, the basket will start moves to Left and Right, Making the game trickier.You should aim and make the ball fall into the Basket.

  • After every 10 Point, the Speed of Basket will Gradually Increase.
  • Your Game will be Over Once you Miss a Play.
  • High Score will be saved at the top the screen and it will be Replaced by the New score whenever you beat the Existing Score.
That’s it, Have fun by Playing this Awesome Basketball game on your Facebook Messenger by Facebook.

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