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Looking to download SHAREit for PC, then you are on the right place, In this article, you will see How to use SHAREit for PC to transfer files from Smartphone to PC/Laptop and Files from PC/Laptop to Smartphone easily in less than 2 Minutes. SHAREit is a cross-platform File Sharing service that is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. SHAREit is blazing fast and easy to connect. You can share large files with ease. Size of the file really doesn’t matter at all. You can easily transfer files from Android to iOS, Android to PC, iOS to Android, iOS to Windows and all possible combination

There is quite a lot of situation where we want to transfer files from our Phone to computer and vice versa. Normally, we all use the native Data Cable to get the job done. Recently, I did share an article about using Xender For PC to transfer files between your Laptop and Phone using WiFi. Well, in this article you will learn to use SHAREit for PC and I will walk you through the download and installation process, too. SHAREit for Windows is a must have an application on all your Windows devices No matter if it is Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or even XP, it works fine with all of them.

shareit for pc

We don’t carry our Data Cable every time, so, at certain times, when we are not having the Data Cable with us we can use SHAREit as a medium to transfer files from your Laptop or Computer to your Smartphone and vice versa. No matter if your device is Android or iOS, it works fine with both of them. Even if you are having a mac device such as a Mac or MacBook, this will work for sure. And also there

So, without further ado let’s get started

Download SHAREit For PC

   Download SHAREit 

App Name SHAREit For PC
File Size 6.2 MB
Requirement Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows XP
Languages Multilingual
Price Free to Use Software
Official Website

**UPDATE** Now SHAREit for Laptop, SHAREit for Windows 10 and all other versions are also included in the same package. So, you are not required to download separate installer packages for your different computers and laptops.

As mentioned earlier, we are using WiFi to transfer files. So, as obviously, you will need WiFi in your target system. That means your Computer or Laptop should have the WiFi card installed in it. Almost all modern laptop has built-in WiFi support. But, for most of the Desktops out in the market lacks the WiFi support by default. But, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you can never have Wifi on your Computer. If you already have WiFi on your Desktop then you are all good to go. But, if you don’t then you have two option to try.

The first one is to buy a PCI Wireless Card for your motherboard and install it to your CPU. and the second method is by using a WiFi USB Receiver. A lot of cheap USB WiFi Receivers are available in the market, so check them out.

Now, let’s get started with the actual process of downloading and transferring files with SHAREit for PC.

Watch this short video to get a brief overview of How SHAREit Works?


SHAREit For PC to transfer Files from Phone to Computer

Step 1: First of all, Download the latest version of SHAREit For PC from the link given at the top of the article. (The download link is 100% safe and secure, Links are from official developer’s website. So, no virus or malware)

Step 2: Now you will get the EXE installer of SHAREit , Just install the software

Shareit Installer For PC

Step 3: Now Open it up on your PC where you want to transfer huge files.

Step 4: Open SHAREit in your Smartphone

Step 5: Swipe from the left and tap on “Connect PC”

shareit for laptop

Step 6:  Now you can use any three methods to connect to PC.

i.)  Normal Connect (Just like what you do in Smartphone)

ii.) Scan To Connect

iii.) Mobile PC Search

Step 7: Select any method that is most convenient for you. For this article, I selected the method Mobile PC Search (This option will create a Wifi Hotspot on your Mobile)

shareit for windows

Step 8: Once you have paired both Smartphone and your PC, you are all good to go.

Now, you can transfer any files including huge videos, zip, images and pretty much anything in relatively less amount of time.

SHAREit is the last word when it comes to the best File Transfer App for both PC/Laptop and Android, iOS devices. SHAREit it available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, this lets you share files from an Android device to an iPhone and vice versa. File transferring through SHAREit 200x faster than the usual Bluetooth method.

Features of SHAREit for PC

SHAREit is more than a regular File Sharing App and it has a lot of other features, too. Built-in Video Section, Video Player, Audio Player, a news feed, etc are some among them.

Powerful Video Player

SHAREit comes with a very own Video Player that will let you watch the high quality and HD Contents including Movies, Short Videos, etc. This way, you are not required to download any other Video Player for Android like MX Player. The built-in Video Player is way better than the default one that is available in Android by stock.

Music Player with Equalizer

It’s really hard to find a good Audio Player for Android with advanced Equalizer features. SHAREit also comes with a fairly good Audio player to play any sort of music and Songs. The Equalizer comes with some pretty advanced options like Music Control, Bass Boost, Treble control and a lot more to optimize the Music hits according to your Mood. Music Player with Equalizer settings are not readily available in the stock app in Android, so this one is really a good feature by SHAREit.

Online Video/Audio Library

Get all trending videos and Songs right in your SHAREit app. The trending section shows you all the videos and songs that are most popular in your region now. You will get access to a lot of the third party hosted contents and you are free to watch them in high quality and if it is audio then listen to it at a high bit rate.

Too Much of Ads

One thing I don’t like about the SHAREit app is annoying ads that make your experience with the terrible. You will find ads at every single nook and corner of the App. Popup ds, Bumper Ads, Video Ads and what not. SHAREit got all sort of ads that one could possibly include in an Android App. This is something the developers of SHAREit should fix immeadiatly. Other than that everything looks soo good and the experience other with the Ads

The Old School Method

During the initial days, SHAREIt was not officially avaiable for PC or Laptop as they were not having a dedicated PC version. These days people were using Android Emulators to get the work done. In this method, you will see how you can use SHAREit on a PC with the help of an Android Emulator. We will be using the same APK file of SHAREit for Android in Windows.

First of all, you are required to download an Android Emulator of your choice. There is a good number of Online and Offline Android Emulators out there and you can choose one of your choices. The article linked below has a list of more than 15+ different Android Emulator Windows and if you are Mac user then we got you covered, too.

   Best Android Emulator for Windows      Best Android Emulator for macOS

Just head over to the link given above and download any Android Emulator of your choice for Windows or Mac. Once you have downloaded it, just install it and open it up.

Almost all the Android Emulator mentioned above comes with Google Play Store pre-installed. Once the Android Emulator is launched, Open Google Play Store and then search for SHAREit and install it.

Once installed, you can use SHAREit to transfer files as you would normally do between two Android Devices.

Make sure that your Computer and Smartphone is connected to the same WiFi Network. You can either connect both the device to a home network or you can even create Hotspot in your Mobile device and then connect your PC/Laptop to your Mobile. Either of the two methods will work just as the way they should.

So, this is how we install SHAREit for PC or Shareit for Mac with the help of Android Emulators.

Bottom Line

This is how you download SHAREit for PC and install it to transfer files from PC to smartphone and Smartphone to PC in the absolutely low time. Next time onwards, whenever you wanted to send any file between your Mobile and PC/Laptop, just use SHAREit application for pc and you are all good to go.

SHAREit for Windows is a must have an application on all windows machines. No matter if it is a Laptop or Desktop. I would like to remember you guys one thing, for SHAREit PC to work you will need WiFi in your system. If your computer is not having Wifi then SHAREit won’t work on your computer. All modern laptop has wifi in it. If you don’t have, then a have a check on some WiFi USB Adapters that helps you guys to add WiFi to your Computer or Laptop.

Be sure to leave your thoughts on PC SHAREit below in the comment section and also be sure to share this article with all of your friends who constantly keep sharing files between computer and smartphone regularly.

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