Single Niche v/s Multi Niche Blog Which Should You Go With ?

If you are about to start a blog, the main challenge  is to find which Niche should you go with and how can you work on that niche.When selecting a topic only select the topic that you can make it move forward.There are many blogs with different niche including Cooking, Fashion, Technology, Travel and so on.But there are also blogs which covers all this topics in a single blog.

Before going In  Just ask few questions yourself

1.What is the main reason for you to subscribe to a blog

2.If you subscribed a blog for technology related content what will you do if there comes a bunch of Article related to Cooking and Fashion, Surely you’re going to Unsubscribe that blog for keeping your Inbox clean

How Multi Niche Blog Affect Traffic and Earnings ?

If you’re creating a blog for just passion and not for money, then you can write about anything as you wish.But if you are planning make blogging as primary earning source multi Niche blogs won’t help you in ant way.If you want to blog for money then Traffic = Money as well as SEO. You should take some kind of Business approach if you’re trying to make blogging as a Business

What Will You Do
One day, When you are surfing through the world of Internet you have noticed a blog covering Fashion related contents you were really impressed with the content what they write and you made a thought to Subscribe for the newsletter of the blog so i can read all the content of this blog from my inbox.After Some Days, You have opened your Inbox you seen a lot of post from the subscribed blog But the majority of post were about Cooking, Authors life story ,Authors pets and some were only about Fashion 
Now in this case what will you do ? Definitely you are going to Unsubscribe from their service

When SEO Matters 

Suppose you’re a blogger, writing a post on the subject the Best Technological Blog.Now you have camed up with two blogs A and B.A is a multi niche blog and B is single niche.A has quality contents but mixed with another many topics like Fashion and Pet care Where areas B is Single niche blog that only write contents about Technology. Now which blog will you add to your Article Blog A or Blog B
If you’re asking this question to me i will only support the blog B. As it can only make  users a good Experience

When Earnings Matter

Now in this part i will show you how money matters in this case 
Let me explain with a example,
Suppose you are the head of a  company manufacturing Smart Phones.And you wan’t to show ads on certain Websites,and your budget is limited.Now you have two blogs under your consideration below are the blogs:
  • Blog ABC get’s traffic of 25,000 page vies per month,All page views are comming in search for Smart Phone review and Tutorials
  • Blog XYZ get’s a traffic of 75,000 page views per month including many topics like Fashion, Pet care, Cooking and Smart Phones
Now which blog will be ideal for Advertising the ad of a Smart Phone, As of me i will only choose Blog ABC as it is the blog only covering about Smart Phones, Now i will get more Return of Advertisement.If i choose Blog XYZ it will be not relevant for my content

Best Content For Your Blog

After reading this article too if you want to make a multi niche blog then there are other two method that might help you a lot

Different  Domains
You can specify different domains for different topics like
1.Cooking –
3.Games –
With Sub Domains 
Or else you can make different blog for different content and move them into sub domains under a parent domain like :
After all choice is your’s go with which you find better and write about which you like most 
IPEE World now prefers you to go with sinlge niche blogs as it can generate huge income for you.

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