Slack’s iPhone App Gets New Redesigned Layout Changes and More

new iphone slack design

Slack for Android got a major redesign last week and following it now the iPhone version of the app also gets some improvements and changes. But sadly the new updates are not yet available for iPad.

The main highlight of the new update is that the team took the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen. This makes things easier for everyone to access the quick settings.

The new design is currently in the rollout phase and not everybody got the update.

“We’ve fixed this with a new nifty navigation bar at the bottom of the app containing: a Home view for your sidebar, DMs, (still listed most recent first), Mentions (for quickly catching up), and You (because you’re great) (and also because setting your status/preferences on mobile needed to be easier),” said Slack in the App Store Notes.

In the new design, the floating compass button can be now seen in multiple places making it easier for us. You could also order your channels in the home tab as well.

This is how the app now looks on an iPhone:

slack new iphone design

The app also now gets some cool gesture navigations and controls, too. Swiping right will now reveal the workspace and preferences, swiping left will reveal the last conversation that you were in.

Do note that the new change is only applicable to the iPhone version of Slack and not on the iPad. If you are an iPad user then you might want to wait some more time until Slack gets the new design for iPad as well.

The update is currently rolling out to every iPhone user. You should get the update within a couple of hours or days. As of now, Slack slowly started the rollout procedure and some got the update already and some are waiting for it.

Get the updated version of Slack for iPhone from the App Store.

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