How to Snap and Upload 360 Degree Photos to Facebook

Facebook is the Best Popular Social Networking site used by Billions of People. You can share Photos, Videos, Status, etc on your Facebook Wall/Timeline as well as Like and Comment on others post too.Facebook is working hard to add new features, and 360 Degree Photos are one among them.

Today in this Article you will find, How to Snap and Upload a 360-degree Photo to Facebook from your Smartphone.Facebook allows us to upload both 360 degree Videos and Photos.To snap a 360 degree photo all you want is a Smartphone and an Application capable of taking 360 degree photos.

Before starting the tutorial, Have a look at some most popular 360 degree Photos and Videos in Facebook or simply type and search "360 photos" in the Facebook Search Box.You can view those 360 degree photos from computer device by simply dragging the mouse on the Photo and if you are a Smartphone user, you can directly view the image by rotating your Smartphone.

As I mentioned earlier. You need an App called Street View Camera, which is Google’s Official Street View App to snap 360 degree Photos. You can directly download Google Street View App from the Play Store for Android users and from iTunes for iPhone users.

So let’s see How to Snap and Upload 360 degree Photos to Facebook

1. Firstly, Download the Street View App for your device from the link below:

2. Download and Install the Application in your Smartphone.
3. Open the App and Click on the “+” button and choose the Camera option.
Now some on-screen instructions will guide you telling How to use Street View App and Capture 360 degree Images.
4. As soon as you click on the Camera option, A Camera tab will open with a Yellow dot and a white circle.

5. To capture 360 degree Photos, you need to adjust the mobile and place the Yellow dot on the White Circle.
6. After you capture one image, 4 Arrow marks will appear on 4 sides. Move your phone again to the Yellow dot and place the yellow dot in the White circle.

7. Repeat the process until you cover every nook and corner of the place you want to capture.
8. Once you are done click on the check mark(✅) to finish capturing
9. Now it will start to stitch the images, once this process is done your 360 Degree photo is ready
10. To upload it to Facebook, Simply open the Facebook App or Website and Upload as usual.Facebook will automatically detect the 360 degree Photo and Post-it.
Learn More: Facebook 360

That’s it, we have successfully uploaded a 360 degree Photo to Facebook. 
If you are interested in capturing more 360 degree photos, a dedicated professional 360 degree Cameras like  Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta S, LG 360 Cam can be used
Hope you guys enjoyed this Article, Be sure to share this trick with your Friends 🙂

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