Snapchat Adds Two New Lenses to Help Users Fight Coronavirus

snapchat new coronavirus lenses

In partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Snapchat has introduced two new lenses in their app to help users fight Coronavirus with Augmented Reality.

Several companies, institutions, and organizations all around the globe are actively participating to fight against Coronavirus and Snapchat also joins them. Facebook recently introduced a Coronavirus Info hub on their feed, Google and several other companies came up with some sort of measures that might help their users. The same is the case with Snapchat. The two new lenses offered by Snapchat reminds users how to fight against Coronavirus and the other one helps to virtually visualize social distancing with the help of AR.

Social Distancing is one of the key methods through which we can stop the spread of the virus. For this, WHO recommends people maintain at least one-meter distance while interacting with other people. The same is reminded by the second lens.

The ‘My Social Distance’ lens in Snapchat uses Augmented Reality (AR) to draw a perimeter around the user. Users can visualize the distance virtually and this distance should be maintained as recommended by WHO.

The first lens from Snapchat provides tips to the user for fighting against Coronavirus and how can everyone stop spreading the COVID-19 virus. It will show a few tips to the users and some reminders like washing your hands, not touching face unnecessarily, etc.

Both these lenses are available on Snapchat as of now and users could use right away. It is available for both Android and iOS versions of the app. The information and suggestions provided by the first lens are being pulled out from the official WHO website where it shares tips to fight against Coronavirus. The US and Europe are highly infected by this deadly virus and Snapchat has a huge userbase from both these countries, so it is surely going to help them in a way or the other.

Ajay Varghese
Ajay is an active cybersecurity analyst and helps companies find and fix bugs and vulnerabilities. He is an ardent fan and power Linux user. His area of expertise includes Linux and Cybersecurity side of things.