Sony PlayStation 5 to Come With Completely Revamped Dashboard

Sony to introduce new dashboard with PS5

Earlier in an event, Sony announced some PS5 games and also at the end of the event they showed of the new design of PlayStation 5. Nothing much about the hardware side of things nor software was shared by the company.

VP of UX design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin has told that the PS5 will come with a new revamped dashboard UI on a LinkedIn thread. Furthermore, he added “100 percent overhaul of the PS4 UI and some very different new concepts.”

PlayStation fans all around the globe are waiting for Sony to officially unveil the new console. As per the reports, Sony is planning to launch the new console somewhere to the end of 2020.

As per him, Sony is cooking something really big. The UI and dashboard of PlayStation 4 look really good and decent enough. So this time we will be getting an even better dashboard with the new update.

During the event on June 11th, Sony teased the new dashboard several times throughout the video. The VP of PlayStation assured that the company will soon introduce the updated PS5 dashboard.

As you can see from the video below from Twitter, the animation and sound effects seem to have changed a lot.

We are some months away from the PlayStation 5 unveil and there are tons of new things that Sony is planning. Almost everyone was amazed by seeing the new PlayStation 5 design. The curvy design with white and black color along with blue ascent colors looked really eye-catchy.

Overall, with the updated dashboard and hardware coupled with new design, PlayStation 5 is definitely going to rock the market. Other than the short teaser clip, nothing has been shared by the company. Anyways, let’s wait for more updates from officials.

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