Subscribers Can Now Pause Netflix Membership for up to 10 Months

As per new reports, Netflix will store its users’ data for up to 10 months before completely deleting it from their servers. For some reason, if you wish to get your account back after canceling your Netflix membership, you can anytime come back and get it back within 10 months. After 10 months, Netflix will delete all the data.

Subscribers will find the new option to pause membership on Netflix account’s settings page. Enabling it will pause the membership and retain all your data like you watch history, interest, profiles, preferences for up to 10 months. You won’t be charged until you resume the services.

New option to pause Netflix membership

Let’s say that you had already paid for a month, in this case, it will be better to pause the membership after the billing period is over. As you have already paid for the month, there is no option to get back the money.

Even if you pause your membership during the billing period, you can continue using the services until the billing period is over. Finally, if you change your mind, you can easily get back your Netflix account with all the preferences by simply logging in.

If you don’t log in back within the next 10 months, all your account data will be permanently wiped. You will be required to start a new Netflix account and start everything again.

This one-click option from Netflix makes it easy for anyone to temporarily pause their account and come back when needed. Let’s say your exams are going on and you want to take a break. Just go to the account settings and pause your membership. Come back after everything is done and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

It is to be noted that Netflix was actually following the same thing from the past as well. Logging in back within the 10 months of cancellation will bring every account preferences back. Now it’s just that there is a dedicated option to pause the membership.

Source: OnlyTech

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